Far EasTone collaborates with CatchPlay to launch 'FET Video Store'

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
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Heralding the new era of video experience! With the dramatic shift in consumer behaviour towards video-audio entertainment in recent years, from the traditional purchase of cinema tickets, video rental and home theatre system to the present real-time entertainmen\t through the popular use of smart phones and tablet PCs, Far EasTone is quick to recognise that the consumer demands of today for greater mobility, faster speed and more comprehensive “video-audio exclusivity” are not a passing fad but compelling forces to be reckoned with for it to stay ahead of the game. With that in mind, Far EasTone and CatchPlay announced on 5 May 2011 that they are once again collaborating together, this time on “FET Video Store” to provide the latest, most accessible and high quality personal cloud studios for the pure enjoyment of audio-visual entertainment that could rival the actual experience in a live theatre.

Personalising cloud studios for unlimited enjoyment

According to Ms. Yvonne Li, Far EasTone’s President, “The movie experiences of consumers have evolved with the advancement in science and technology – from the earliest open-air theatre, followed by indoor cinema, video rental, movies on TV channels to the current trend of online streaming video, the whole landscape of the audio-visual market has changed dramatically as well as consumer habits and usage where such entertainment are concerned.” Capitalising on the main driving force behind these new-age consumers – personal enjoyment, real-time and speed, and the accessibility of cloud application services, Far EasTone is once again collaborating with CatchPlay, renowned Taiwanese media company with a fully integrated media and entertainment technology stack, to launch “FET Video Store”. “We are confident that the great synergistic effect from our partnership will result in richer and more comprehensive content that is readily available for enjoyment at any time and any place to our consumers, regardless of the type of equipment they use to access the movie. Overall, the audio-video entertainment experience will be greatly enhanced and there are even future plans to launch drama series.”

Power in Numbers

Mr. Wayne Chang, President of CatchPlay. “As a global entertainment media company, we are very happy to collaborate with Far EasTone to launch “FET Video Store” – an online private theatre. CatchPlay is expected to complete the vertical integration for cloud by this year, and to be boosted in our efforts to provide a most comprehensive range of audio-video services. The synergy between CatchPlay and Far EasTone, where we combine our respective resources of entertainment content and platform accessibility will undoubtedly make us a great team. Further, with the proliferation of smart phones, tablet PCs, notebooks and personal computers and CatchPlay’s cloud technology, we could even be streaming the first broadcast, real-time, of the world’s most popular film or television series. For the year 2011, CatchPlay’s movie circulation in cinemas has exceeded 150; the number of movies scheduled for release by IPTV is more than 250 and the total movie time is more than 2000 hours. We are confident that with FET Video Store, consumers will get to enjoy greater freedom of choice from a diversified selection of audio-video entertainment content!”

Your own personal enjoyment with convenient download

FET Video Store is designed to provide personalised services that rival that of a private theatre. As long as there is demand, even the latest hit movie can be downloaded within 20 seconds on any supporting equipment, whether it is a tablet PC, smart phone, iPad, iPhone or a home computer hooked up to a high-definition player. Avid moviegoers can now watch their favourite movies in the comfort of their own home or wherever they are, whenever they want, and revel in the richness of the content and the different genre of movies available for selection. Trips to video rental stores is now officially relegated to a thing of the past.

FET Studios is offering a menu of flexi-rates for its subscription packages, in addition to promotional rates for FET subscribers. For a monthly fee of NT$199, or NT$7 a day, there will be more than 100 movies available for selection. For both FET new subscribers and renewals, an additional complimentary 2 months applies.