ZALA starts testing of the first 3D channel in Belarus

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
Beltelecom logo

As of 1 June Beltelecom’s interactive television ZALA launches testing broadcasting of 3D-channel, available to the subscribers of the HD-package. Every subscriber of the HD-package receives a set top box supporting HD format. It offers an excellent opportunity to become one of the first viewers of 3D-channel in Belarus.

3D-channel in interactive television ZALA is the first step to provide at our homes programs and movies with three-dimensional image, and one of the elements of high definition television which has become a new standard of image quality.

3D-image, as a new stage of television development, is demanding to the standards of domestic TV. A TV set with 3D function and compatible active 3D-glasses are a must for viewing of 3D image.

ZALA HD- package already includes HD channels (in HD format): Fashion One HD, MEZZO LIVE HD and HD-Life. Now along with these channels testing of 3D-channel is starting.