S&T provides MHEG interactive services for TV5 DVB-T2 trial in Thailand

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
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Strategy & Technology (S&T) has provided Army TV5 in Bangkok with its TSBroadcaster2 carousel system to play out MHEG interactive applications as part of their DVB-T2 trial that has been on-air for some months.

TV5 are using a selection of set top boxes and integrated digital TVs receivers conforming to the UK DTG DBook 6.2.1 specification for their trial and tests, all of which include MHEG middleware. MHEG applications have been played out from the S&T TSBroadcaster2 system which is integrated into the multiplex broadcast output.

Participation in the trial was arranged via S&T’s partner in Thailand, VMedia-A, who provide local representation and technical support.

Colin Prior, Director of International Sales at S&T said “We were pleased to participate in this trial and demonstrate the flexible, proven capabilities of MHEG using production DVB-T2 receiver products. With DVB-T2 / MHEG iDTV and STB products now widely available from all the major manufacturers at no significant cost premium, we anticipate that many markets will adopt the same technology combination for their digital TV deployments.