Nokia Siemens Networks takes multiscreen TV to next level at IBC

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Demos evolution of Ubiquity Multiscreen TV platform including

  • Combining digital video broadcasting with over-the-top (Internet) TV via hybrid set top box
  • Blending TV and other media content with communication services

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Nokia Siemens Networks is demonstrating how it has evolved its multiscreen entertainment vision by allowing end-users to enjoy their content and services anytime, anywhere and on any device. The company will be demonstrating its innovation at IBC2011, September 8 – 13, RAI Amsterdam.

Nokia Siemens Networks aims to demonstrate its position as a future-proof partner for entertainment solutions due to its open architecture and modular solution approach. This combines its own products alongside those from industry leading partners, allied with extensive consulting and integration capabilities.

Over-the-top TV enables operators to deliver media and Internet content via smartphones, tablets, PCs, and OTT-TV set top boxes (STBs) or TV sets with inbuilt Internet access (Connected TVs). Nokia Siemens Networks now extends this offering – delivered via a single backend from the operator – with hybrid STBs. These combine digital video broadcasting (DVB) via satellite, terrestrial or cable, with Internet access allowing their services to reach a wider audience helping operators to generate more revenue through broader content delivery.

Nokia Siemens Networks will showcase a multiscreen environment (across multiple devices and networks) with a harmonized, fast and intuitive user interface offering Internet & DVB based TV programs, while ensuring a consistent quality of user experience.

“The new capabilities enable operators to offer interactive, unmanaged OTT-TV* services in addition to IPTV’s managed quality of service (QoS) to fixed subscribers, and via DVB. With this, they can not only attract more customers but also allow existing users to access the same services over various networks,” said Brook Longdon, head of entertainment solutions at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Another showcase will demonstrate how communication and TV services can be blended. This approach allows people to hold voice calls or online chat while watching video content on their smartphones, tablet PCs or TV sets. Integration of this TV solution into an operator’s network environment, including its IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)** and customer databases, would enable services such as automated user authentication on every device. The service concept, developed together with an existing customer, enables service providers to blend TV and media with communications as well as Internet services.

“OTT video has proved to be something that customers want, and they will get it from whoever makes it most user friendly. Operators are uniquely positioned for OTT-TV as their network assets enable them to provide harmonized user experience over multiple devices and networks, with guaranteed quality. Furthermore, they can use their customer relationship experience and insights into user behavior to combine video with communication services, social media and Internet in a way that delivers a superior multi-service experience,” added Brook.

Nokia Siemens Networks follows an open client strategy. To support a diverse range of media devices, it provides a well defined and easy-to-extend client interface, which supports browser based (thin clients), rich client software or native applications. With this approach, Nokia Siemens Networks anticipates and architecturally supports today’s diverse and rapidly changing media device eco-system.