Streaming21 Joins Digital Home Alliance with Microsoft Home Server Team

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Announce End-to-end Solutions at Microsoft Product Launch Press Conference

Taipei, Taiwan — Streaming21, the world leader in broadcast-quality streaming solutions, along with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Taiwan; WNC (TSE:6285), a global leader in wireless communications and IPTV; Sampo (TSE:1604), the leading 3C brand for electrical home appliances; Gigabyte (TSE:2376), a leading motherboard manufacturer; and Chenbro (8210.TWO), a leading mechanical solutions and chassis provider; today announced the formation of the Digital Home Alliance at Microsoft Windows Home Server product launch press conference at Microsoft Taiwan office.

The goal of the new alliance is to build and expand a solid digital home ecosystem to drive the worldwide digital home industry. The Microsoft Embedded Team will engage in intensive promotional seminars to present the fully-integrated end-to-end digital home solution at Microsoft Windows Embedded Seminars around Asia (including Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Korea).

“We believe that building a solid digital home ecosystem is the key factor to realize the dream of the future digital home. Streaming21’s worldwide end-to-end deployments demonstrate its ability to offer unparalleled expertise in total digital home solutions. The company’s Home Entertainment Services is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Windows Home Server, making it easy to add or expand powerful TV entertainment applications. We are delighted to choose Streaming21 as our global ISV partner for Microsoft Windows Home Server, to shape the future of the digital home,” said Jim Fredricksen, Director of Global OEM Server Sales at Microsoft.

Working together, the Digital Home Alliance will bring to market end-to-end digital home solutions aimed at connecting the digital home with the networked world via personalized “killer” applications. The open web-based platform makes it easy to add unlimited applications for service expansions and allows users to subscribe their preferred services via Home Server. Streaming21’s innovative Home Entertainment Services, WNC’s powerful set-top box, Sampo’s 42″ LCD Full HDTV (supporting 1080p with HDMI), reliable Gigabyte server hardware and a smart-looking chassis from Chenbro are seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Home Server and Windows Storage Server 2003 R2, making it easy to add or expand services for digital home.

The Home Sever acts as the central control center for digital home entertainment, automation, surveillance and communication applications. The platform enables media display on TVs and provides an easy management system for personal content through the PC. This unique Home Server allows users to manage personal content (such as photos, videos and music), enjoy internet community content (web photo albums and video sharing for example) and display real-time internet content (Internet news, weather, stocks and more) on TVs. It also offers many intriguing features such as Personal Video Recording (PVR), streaming music, IPTV, VOD and many more. Personal broadcasting and commercial content services such as Internet radio, movie rentals or home karaoke services are forthcoming.

The Digital Home Alliance will continue to look for more partners to build a solid ecosystem and accelerate the digital home market worldwide.