Telefónica Czech Republic - O2 TV has 70,000 customers

Thursday, December 13th, 2007 
Telefónica O2 Czech Republic logo

The number of O2 TV digital television subscribers has surpassed 70,000, thus strengthening Telefónica O2 Czech Republic’s position in the home entertainment market. Interest in O2 TV digital television is growing together with its continuously expanding channel packages and high-quality services.

The growth trend in the number of O2 TV digital television subscribers occurred immediately after the service’s launch in September 2006. An ever-increasing percentage of television viewers have shown a preference for the convenience of digital television over classic television broadcasting, which has been bearing a wide range of uncertainties and complications with the switch to digital transmission. O2 TV offers up to 50 television channels with digital-quality picture and sound, hundreds of films, documentaries, 3D films, series, and children’s programming, together with other services that are unique to the Czech pay-tv market. “The growing number of O2 TV subscribers indicates that customers are reacting to our efforts to continuously improve our provided services. We are expanding the film database of the Videotéka (Video Library) with the latest domestic and international titles on a regular basis. Another new feature is the introduction of the NOVA Cinema channel, which is complementing an already abundant offer of film channels,” states Matts Johansen, Chief Marketing Officer, Telefónica O2.

More films

The selection of channels that O2 TV offers has grown with the NOVA Cinema channel, which was added to the O2 TV Filmy plus additional channel package. This package was launched on September 1, 2007 and has gained popularity among many viewers in a short period of time. New and existing O2 TV customers who order O2 TV Filmy plus by the end of the year get this additional channel package for just 1 CZK/month without VAT for the first three months.

Furthermore,Telefónica O2 has access to the catalogues of the three biggest Hollywood studios: Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. and The Walt Disney Company. The films offered through the Videotékaservice now amount to over 400 titles. In December 2007, customers can watch such films as I Served the King of England, the war film Letters from Iwo Jima, and the Czech classics Kolja, Tmavomodrý svět (Dark Blue World), and Tatínek (Father). Customers can get all the information they need about TV channels, shows from TV Archiv (TV Archive), and new releases in the Videotéka through the O2 Info information channel.

Christmas with O2 TV

Customers who order the O2 TV digital television service by December 31, 2007 receive a 50% discount off the regular monthly fee for the first three months for all basic channel packages – O2 TV Zábava (O2 TV Entertainment), O2 TV Kino (O2 TV Cinema), or O2 TV Sport. Activation, a modem, set-top box rental, and service installation cost just CZK 1 without VAT each as part of this special Christmas offer.

High Definition broadcasting

Additionally, from mid-December, O2 TV offers, in test operation, surface transmission of TV NOVA in High Definition (HD) quality, and is thus expanding its current test operations to two channels. O2 TV is already providing surface transmission of Czech Television in HD. “The switch to HD transmission is one of the timeliest trends in recent years. At this time, Telefónica O2 is offering Czech Television and now TV NOVA, and intends to work intensively on further implementation of this technology,” says company spokesman Martin Žabka.

Digitization and O2 TV

Customers do not have to worry about switching to analogue broadcasting. With O2 TV digital television, they receive all channels with the digital quality picture and sound to which they have become accustomed, and they also get dozens of other interesting channels. Today the O2 TV service covers 70% of the Czech Republic. Unlike terrestrial digital broadcasting, customers do not need to purchase a set-top box – with O2 TV, they can rent one for CZK 1.19 with VAT per month for a period of 24 months.