O2 Czech Republic adds 5k IPTV subscribers in 2Q09

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
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O2 TV customer base added 5K in 2Q reaching 133k

Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s. announces its unaudited financial results for the first half of 2009.

Retail ADSL accesses reached 634 thousand at the end of June 2009, with 21.7 thousand net additions in 2Q 2009 (1.7 times higher compared to the same period in 2008) due to continuous strong commercial activities around fixed broadband. Number of wholesale ADSL accesses decreased 16.9% yoy to 48 thousand, total number of ADSL accesses thus reached 682 thousand at the end of June 2009. The total number of O2 TV customers reached 133 thousand at the end of June 2009, up by 35% yoy.

O2 TV customers (‘000):

Jun-08  Jun-09
------  ------
    98     133

The Czech telecommunications market

During the half year, the number of satellite TV and IPTV users continued to grow. Spray TV, a digital cable channel, went live in March, so far covering Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Jihlava, Hodonín and Olomouc. Spray TV is a project of Self servis of South Moravia, which operates the Moravia cable TV service and is involved in the project of Nej TV which is owned by BKS Capital Partners.

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