Smartlabs helps O2 Czech Republic migrate Linux STBs to Android TV

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2022 
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World’s first: Smartlabs helps O2 migrate bespoke Linux STBs to Google’s Android TV

SmartLabs helps O2 Czech Republic to deliver a unique migration project, where hundreds of thousands of STBs are being transferred to the Android TV Operator Tier platform. Over 400 000 devices have already been migrated to the new environment.

The Czech Republic’s largest fixed, mobile, and broadband service provider, O2 Czech Republic, launched its bespoke interactive TV service back in 2018. SmartLabs worked side by side with the O2 team to specify, develop and deliver this unique project.

SmartLabs has also created a bespoke next-generation UHD hybrid set-top-box for O2. The STB was based on the high-grade Amlogic 905D3 chipset and initially employed Linux as its operating system.

Following its development strategy, O2 decided at a certain point to create an aggregated Android TV Operator Tier platform. Android TV enables operators to deploy various third-party premium applications and meet the demands of different types of customers. O2 reached the world’s first agreement with Google allowing the migration of existing Linux STBs, that were deployed with O2 customers, to the Android TV Operator Tier platform.

SmartLabs has driven the certification process in cooperation with the third-party certification laboratory and developed migration software for remote migration, excluding engineering staff visits and service interruption. On top of that, SmartLabs provided a brand-new Android TV launcher for all the SmartLabs STBs, as well as for third party devices also used by O2 subscribers.

“SmartLabs has supported O2 at every stage of this world-first Linux to Android TV Operator Tier migration process. We have worked very closely with an excellent O2 team and with Google, to get the project completed. I believe that our 10-year partnership with Google provided a solid framework for this unique endeavor,” says Gary Hamer, SVP Sales and Business Development at SmartLabs.

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