BBC increases reach of iPlayer as streaming begins

Thursday, December 13th, 2007 
BBC logo

The BBC has launched a streaming service on its video-on-demand platform, BBC iPlayer, complementing the download service which launched in beta on 27 July 2007.

BBC iPlayer will be the first public service broadcaster online on-demand service in the UK to provide streaming for Macs and Linux, as well as Windows. Audiences can watch up to 250 different programmes a week for up to seven days after broadcast on the BBC’s television channels.

Anthony Rose, Head of Digital Media Technology at the BBC, said: “We have worked hard to make BBC iPlayer a compelling user proposition. Streaming is the first in a number of new services that we will be rolling out in the coming months and we will be listening to feedback from our audiences to understand how they find the service and what new additions they would be interested in.

“We will be constantly updating BBC iPlayer to ensure that we continuously improve the way we deliver BBC programmes. One of the many updates we hope to implement in 2008 is a download solution for users of other operating systems including Macs which may be possible with the next suite of Adobe Air products.”

This latest version of BBC iPlayer includes a number of new features:

  • Share: Users are now able to share links to their favourite programmes with friends and add links to BBC iPlayer into their own websites. In early 2008 this element will be expanded so audiences will be able to embed video from the service into their sites.
  • Parental guidance: Allows users to make informed viewing choices by password protecting access to guidance-labelled content.
  • Radio: The new Radio button allows audiences to listen to the best of the last seven days of BBC Radio via one easy click. This item of the service will become fully integrated into BBC iPlayer early next year.

The marketing launch for BBC iPlayer begins on Christmas Day. The campaign will focus on highlights from the BBC’s Christmas programmes to encourage viewers to try out the service.