AltoBeam Supplies ATBM8845 DTMB/DVB-C Demodulators to Sharp

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
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BEIJING — AltoBeam, a developer of advanced DTV demodulators, today announced that Sharp Corporation (Tokyo:6753), a leading manufacturer of consumer products and electronic components, has selected AltoBeam’s ATBM8845 DTMB/DVB-C demodulator for its China-bound TV tuners.

The ATBM8845 is in full compliance with the GB20600-2006 (DTMB/CTTB), China’s terrestrial DTV broadcasting standard, and the GY/T 170-2001, China’s equivalent to the DVB-C standard ITU-T J.83 (Annexes A and C). It supports DTMB/DVB-C reception of both high definition and standard definition signals.

“Having conducted extensive and rigorous lab evaluations on demodulators from many suppliers, we selected the ATBM8845 for our China-bound TV tuners,” remarked by Sharp tuner research and development team leader. “Furthermore, the ATBM8845 based tuners have been incorporated in Sharp’s latest TV models that performed very well in field tests. This means that TVs utilizing ATBM8845 are able to display smooth and clear pictures even in the most complicated receiving environments.”

“We are excited to have been chosen by Sharp as the demodulator supplier for its most advanced TV tuners,” said Dr. Steve Chaohuang Zeng, CEO of AltoBeam. “We firmly believe that providing the highest performance products to our customers help them establish competitive edge, and thus fundamental to our own success. Our engagement with Sharp exemplifies our belief.”

“Once more, AltoBeam has proven itself by having been selected as a partner for Sharp, a leading mainstream DTV module maker,” added Qi Deng, VP of International Sales for AltoBeam. “Time and again, we have been recognized as the technology and quality leader among our peers.”