AltoBeam Releases Fifth Generation DTMB/DVB-C Demodulator

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
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BEIJING — AltoBeam, a Digital Television (DTV) demodulator IC maker, today announces the worldwide release of its fifth generation DTMB/DVB-C demodulator, the ATBM8869, for DTV markets that have adopted the DTMB and DVB-C standards.

The ATBM8869 is in full compliance with the GB20600-2006, the official DTMB specification, and meets the GB/T 26683-2011 and GB/T 26686-2011, the newly released general performance specifications for DTMB-enabled STBs and TVs, respectively. It is also in full compliance with the GY/T 170-2001, which is equivalent to the DVB-C standard ITU-T J.83 (Annexes A and C). The ATBM8869 supports DTMB/DVB-C reception of both high and standard definition signals.

“The ATBM8869 improves upon its predecessor, the ATBM8859, with simplified yet optimized algorithms, and enhanced system interface. As such, while maintaining the smooth reception standard established by the industry leading ATBM8859, the ATBM8869 performs better in complex hybrid broadcasting environment, consumes less power, and provides more comprehensive backend system compatibility,” said Dr. Steve Chaohuang Zeng, CEO of AltoBeam. “The release of the ATBM8869 further strengthens our technological leadership in the DTV space, and time again makes us the clear choice of demodulator supplier for global TV, STB and module makers. It is also a precursor to the next generation demodulator products that AltoBeam is developing on a smaller technology node.”

“AltoBeam currently has a large ATBM8859 installation base,” added Qi Deng, VP of International Sales for AltoBeam. “With the introduction of the ATBM8869 and the future release of subsequent products, TV, STB and module makers will continuously benefit from our industry-leading and ever-improving technology, as well as a clear cost-reduction migration path, all at the same time.”