Splashtop Partners with MStar to Enable Delivery of Multimedia Content Bi-directionally Across Household and Personal Devices

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
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Splashtop teams with MStar to deliver bi-directional sharing of content, games and applications across computers, phones, tablets, TVs and clouds

SAN JOSE — Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in cross-device computing, today announced a partnership with MStar Semiconductor, Inc. (“MStar”) to bundle Splashtop’s technologies onto MStar Smart TV platforms to enable content, games, and application bi-directional delivery to and from TVs with any computer, phone, tablet, and cloud service, within the home or over the Internet. Splashtop products have shipped on more than 120 million devices, including mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Splashtop now adds a fourth screen – the TV – to deliver on its promise to be the leading cross-device computing solution worldwide.

“Splashtop is excited about the opportunity to partner with MStar, the largest TV and monitor chipset manufacturer worldwide, to develop smart TV and TV cloud solutions,” said Mark Lee, Splashtop CEO and co-founder. “Partnering with MStar, together we will delight users with the ultimate 4-screen experience –seamlessly sharing media, games, and applications across all screens, at home or over the Internet.”

“People are looking to share content and applications across all their screens, and big screen TV plays a critical role to enrich the edutainment experience,” said Irvin Fan, MStar China Vice President. “We are excited to partner with Splashtop to deliver the best in class cross-screen and cloud services to MStar customers.”

The integrated MStar and Splashtop Smart TV and TV cloud solution enables a four-screen, bi-directional experience to bridge smart phones, tablets and computers with TV screens across personal, private, and public clouds. Mobile devices can become the new remote control for TVs enhancing the input and output (I/O) capabilities by allowing the use of a remote mouse, QWERTY keyboard or joystick to control TV screen displays and simplify content search and discovery. With a mobile device able to act as a remote joystick, the cloud gaming experience will be fully supported, as Splashtop is optimized for MStar chipsets to deliver high-definition video at 1080p and 30 frames per second with low latency.