MStar releases ECP-compliant CI+ 2.0 CAM solution in USB form factor

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
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MStar Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) compliant CI+2.0 CAM solution in USB form factor open new horizons in Pay TV industry together with Android TV

ANGA 2018 — MStar Semiconductor, Inc., a semiconductor company for display and digital home solutions, launched Enhanced Content Protection compliant CI+ 2.0 CAM solution in USB form factor and Android TV, which will allow consumers to receive pay TV services on their TVs by leveraging USB-based CAMs and allow operators to manage premium service through customized Android TV applications with securely certified approach.

CAMs have grown popular in Europe, based on the PC Card(PCMCIA) form factor, as they are a cost-effective way to provide consumers access to pay TV without a set-top box. The CI Plus 2.0 standard is based on the existing CI+1.4 SW stack with the introduction of a new USB form factor as the interface between the CAM and the TV, allowing the mature CI+ SW stack to be leveraged globally. USB ports are available on most TVs, making it much easier for TV manufacturers to support USB CAM globally. Compared to PC Card interface, USB CAMs are expected to be supported by the majority of TVs worldwide over the coming years.

Furthermore, the requirement of Enhanced Content Protection refer to the requirement from Movielab, defines the approach to provide secure environment for premium content from studios or operators’ high value program, which is a core value for operators to turn on business and protect revenue.

Android TV is a rapidly growing platform both in TV and STB. With its characteristic of manageability and scalability, it attracts most of the TV manufacturers, middleware suppliers’ and Set-Top-Box manufacturers’ attention. All the PayTV industry are striving to build up security solution based on the Android TV platform.

The ECP compliant USB CAM will offer operators the ability to reach subscribers cost effectively with a simple USB dongle plugged into TVs. Even a USB dongle plugged into operators’ Free-To-Air Set-Top-Box is also an attracting alternative.

“Our ECP compliant USB CAM solution is a perfect match to Android TV, both in TV and STB platform. Operators like Android TV for customization and also like USB CAM to acquire subscribers efficiently. MStar securely certified technology provides the optimal solution to combine both benefits.” said Wayne Tsai, Marketing Director, MStar.