NXP Software and Verimatrix bring secure content delivery to Android devices

Thursday, February 16th, 2012
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NXP Software has integrated Verimatrix enhanced HLS content authorization into its LifeVibes QuickPlayer opening the way for premium internet TV services on Android phones and tablets

EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands — NXP Software has integrated Verimatrix ViewRight® Web client security into the Android version of its LifeVibes QuickPlayer. ViewRight Web is a component of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™), and its integration into QuickPlayer enables enhanced security for adaptive streaming content delivery on Android phones and tablets. This opens the door to new revenue streams for service providers such as broadcasters and IPTV providers to add premium (paid for) internet TV services.

“Consumer demand for premium content on smart phones and tablets is growing rapidly. As a global leader in enabling exciting multimedia experiences, NXP Software is keen to help service providers meet this demand. By partnering with Verimatrix, we have combined our know-how in high quality video and audio on mobile device platforms like Android with Verimatrix’s deep expertise in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services,” said Peter Van de Berg, Marketing Director, NXP Software.

This new version of LifeVibes QuickPlayer supports fast deployment of VCAS-secured video service applications across the wide range of Android-based devices on the market using the proven HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) adaptive bitrate protocol. It enables an enhanced security infrastructure for HLS that is fully compliant with the rigorous requirements for licensing premium content. Furthermore, LifeVibes QuickPlayer offers a “living-room quality” user experience. It ensures a fast start to playback, and maintains smooth viewing with no re-buffering, dropped service or visual artifacts even during network switches and variations in bandwidth availability.

“As the OTT video market matures, network operators are now able to blend Internet TV into their traditional services – from an operational, technology and revenue model perspective. This requires enhanced security functionality and options in order to deliver premium content to connected devices. Our partnership with NXP Software helps operators to deliver services on the broadest range of new mobile devices, while still maintaining the appropriate level of security,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer at Verimatrix.

ViewRight Web and VCAS™ for Internet TV are components of the VCAS 3 architecture, which addresses the new video marketplace with a proactive revenue security and enhancement approach for DVB broadcast, hybrid, and IPTV networks. The Verimatrix ViewRight Web client family is a robust package of portable security applications that provide enhanced security for HLS service delivery, including authentication and fine grain entitlement management for a variety of device categories, including PC/Macs, mobile handsets, tablets, set-top boxes and connected TVs.