Mitsubishi STBs Power KDDI On-Demand TV Service Using Espial TV Browser

Thursday, March 15th, 2012
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OTTAWA, Ontario — Espial®, a leader in on-demand TV solutions, today announced KDDI’s launch of a new generation on-demand TV user experience powered by the Espial TV Browser and its HTML5 capabilities. KDDI (Tokyo:9433) will use the Mitsubishi Electric (Tokyo:6503) ST1100R and Espial TV Browser to provide its subscribers with a world-leading user experience for a wide range of video-on-demand and IPTV services. KDDI is one of the largest operators in Japan.

  • Mitsubishi Electric selects the HTML5-ready Espial TV Browser to offer subscribers a rich, engaging, and fast user experience on their set-top boxes.
  • KDDI launches one of the most compelling TV services in Japan using the Mitsubishi Electric ST1100R and Espial TV Browser to provide its subscribers with the following services:
    • A full HD video and audio experience
    • The LISMO Video Store service
    • IPTV services
    • NHK video on-demand services
    • DVR recording to external HDD
    • Content sharing between devices in the connected home
    • Consumers can easily discover and enjoy IPTV services and large selection of content from across two different VOD catalogs including the LISMO Video Store and NHK on Demand.
  • The selection of Espial TV Browser demonstrates the growing momentum of the world’s largest operators to adopt HTML5 ready browsers.
  • This new TV service will be delivered over the au HIKARI high-speed fiber optic broadband line.
  • Mitsubishi Electric selected the Espial TV Browser for the following capabilities:
    • Leverages the latest industry standards — including HTML5, CSS3, W3C® standards – with one of the fastest JavaScript® engines available.
    • the ability to rapidly integrate the Espial TV Browser quickly using its comprehensive SDK designed to simplify integration with middleware media players, videoplug-in integration and JavaScript extensions.

The Espial TV Browser, ready for HTML5, is a high performance browser well suited to the needs of Japanese consumers, noted Norihide Yaguchi, Senior Manager, Home ICT Solutions Department, Communication Networks Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp. It provides an excellent user experience consistent with the brand experience consumers have to expect from us and KDDI.

We are truly pleased and excited to see the Espial TV Browser deployed with two world leaders in TV services: Mitsubishi Electric and KDDI, said Yukio Kanemori, Japan Country Manager, Espial. This demonstrates the power and performance of Espial TV Browser. We look forward to working to ensure the continuing success of Mitsubishi and KDDI.