GVTC Communications chooses Enghouse Networks and Broadpeak

Thursday, July 20th, 2023 
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GVTC Communications Chooses Enghouse Networks And Broadpeak To Deliver A World-Class Video Streaming Experience

  • Fully managed solution provides subscribers with more TV viewing choices

MARKHAM, ON — Enghouse Networks, a leading global telecommunications technology and streaming TV solutions provider, announced today that its SaaS IPTV platform, EspialTV, has been chosen by GVTC Communications to bring video streaming services to its customer base.

The Enghouse solution allows GVTC to provide more options to its subscribers, including the ability to record and view shows on any connected device, including Amazon’s Fire TV, Roku, AppleTV, phones and tablets. Subscribers will also benefit from the ability to watch TV programs and movies in leading-edge quality and enjoy new features like voice-enabled remote control, plus easy access to popular OTT streaming services.

The new GVTC system also relies on Broadpeak’s (ISIN: FR001400AJZ7; ticker: ALBPK) content delivery network (CDN) and cloud DPVR solutions. Broadpeak is a leading provider of CDN and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators worldwide. “Enghouse and Broadpeak have many successful joint deployments,” said Mario Rainville, Vice President, North America, Broadpeak. “Our solutions work together to ensure a more personalized, state-of-the-art experience for subscribers.”

GVTC has looked to Enghouse and Broadpeak to upgrade its current Cable TV offering to a fully managed streaming TV platform hosted in the cloud. With superior image and sound quality, plus enhanced network security, Enghouse Networks’ EspialTV and Broadpeak will deliver video content (including live, catch-up, digitally recorded (NDVR), and Video-on-Demand) to all of GVTC’s stream subscribers.

“We are committed to empowering the communities in our service area with leading-edge technology for today’s interconnected world,” said Ritchie Sorrells, President and CEO, GVTC. “Our continued partnership with Enghouse Networks and Broadpeak allows us to deliver on this promise. With IPTV, our customers will now be able to access all their favorite shows on their favorite devices.”

“As the TV experience evolves, so does GVTC,” said Josh Pettiette, Vice President, Product Business Development and Strategic Planning, GVTC. “In the 1980s, we built the infrastructure for cable TV, then high-speed internet in the ’90s, and then Netflix’s #1 ranked Fiber Internet in the 2000s. EspialTV allows us to provide the next step in this journey with its hosted IPTV platform.”

“We are gratified that GVTC selected Enghouse’s EspialTV for this project, based on our track record of delivering outstanding television experiences,” said Mick McCluskey, Vice President, Product Management, Enghouse Networks. “Enghouse is renowned for being flexible in meeting operators’ needs. Our operations and deployment team has a unique skill set and thorough understanding of the video streaming environment that will aid us in providing GVTC with a market-leading and highly flexible TV solution.”

The Enghouse SaaS EspialTV platform offers GVTC a full set of content management capabilities, deep insight through analytics, and flexibility to easily segment and target various markets. It supports operators of all sizes — and its flexible, cloud-based architecture will allow GVTC to control operational costs as their TV customer base grows.

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