ThinkAnalytics™ Brings Intelligent Navigation to More Than 70 Million Subscribers

Thursday, June 28th, 2012
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20 global service providers deploy ThinkAnalytics’ recommendations for their customers

LONDON — ThinkAnalytics™, the world’s most widely deployed multi-platform television search and recommendations engine, announced today that it has surpassed 70 million licensed viewers across 16 countries, in eight languages. ThinkAnalytics, a pioneer in real-time, viewer intelligent navigation, executes advanced discovery and comprehensive personalized multi-platform recommendations for the media industry. Twenty of the largest service providers in the world rely on ThinkAnalytics’ technology to deliver intelligent search and recommendations from live TV, electronic program guide (EPG), video on demand (VOD), social media and over-the-top (OTT) content. Viewers access personalized recommendations on set-top boxes (STBs), web and second screens, including tablets, smart phones and Smart TVs.

ThinkAnalytics also provides best practice professional services to its customers, bringing more than ten years of market experience to TV operators worldwide. ThinkAnalytics’ customers include some of the world’s largest service providers, such as BSkyB, Virgin Media, ITV, Telenet, and UnityMedia.

The ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine is the first to market with proven scalable solutions, including:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive intelligent search and recommendations platform, incorporating multiple automated techniques that go beyond collaborative filtering for advanced personalization;
  • First to include live TV programming recommendations across multi-platforms including STB, second screens, including Web, mobile, tablet, OTT, etc.;
  • Integrating Intelligent Navigation with multiple MSO next-generation user interfaces and guides; and
  • Recommendations in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish and other languages.

“Operators recognize the need to provide a personalized roadmap to highlight the programming value for their subscribers,” said Eddie Young, Chairman, ThinkAnalytics. “We deliver more than 70 million viewers with recommendations that bring together metadata, moods and personal viewing habits. Then, we integrate it with the user interfaces and deliver those personal recommendations in real-time. We do this every day on a massive scale, transacting billions of recommendations on an ongoing basis. This is not a PowerPoint presentation but real live production software.”

“We can’t expect consumers to recognize value in programming that they don’t know exists,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ThinkAnalytics. “Nor do we believe they should have to work so hard at getting better recommendations by filling out forms or relying on a ‘lean-forward’, Web-type search. We are delivering discovery and recommendations that go way beyond techniques that simply deliver ‘people like you like this’. True personalization, search and social recommendations are what we really deliver via Intelligent Navigation.”

Subscribers surveyed give the ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine an average of 90-plus percent positive ratings based on the recommendations they received. 60-70 percent of customers receiving ThinkAnalytics’ personalized recommendations opt to view the suggested content within 24 hours.

The company provides recommendations that can be delivered to consumers through any touch point, such as STB, Web, tablet, mobile, or email, from the same centralized system. The platform goes beyond generic household-wide content recommendations by offering individualized recommendations that are customized for each member of the household. ThinkAnalytics’ analysis and reporting functions provide detailed insight into subscriber viewing patterns while protecting viewer privacy that aids in customer acquisition, cross and up sell, and increases customer and brand loyalty.