Aston releases Mstar Semiconductor-based satellite receiver

Thursday, January 31st, 2013
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Aston introduces its new satellite HD receiver, the Xena HD Twin +. Based on MStar MSD7862 chipset, Xena HD Twin + is packed with all Aston know-how and advanced technologies. The box combines features including Viaccess 5.0, HbbTV, and an exclusive secured cardless streaming solution

MOSCOW — Exhibiting for the 2nd year at CSTB in Moscow from 29th to 31st of January 2013, Aston introduces the XENA HD Twin +. This new twin tuner, MPEG4 HD PVR DVB-S2 satellite receiver is packed up with the best of Aston technology and the outcome of a partnership with MStar Semiconductor. Thanks to this partnership, development of this brand new platform has been executed in less than one year. This cooperation has enabled Aston to introduce to the market, the first ever HbbTV Viaccess satellite receiver and at a price that exceeds market expectations.

Produced now in DVB-S2 twin tuner mode, this new Aston flagship will enable operator with the ideal product to promote their HbbTV services, in either Broadcast or Broadband mode.

Based on first operator feedback who have tested it in preview, The Xena HD Twin +, impresses with its speed and smoothness of operation. Based on the MStar high performance MSD7862 processor, it integrates HbbTV functionalities at optimum cost. It’s also the first receiver on the market with Viaccess ACS 5.0. This HbbTV plugin has been developed by MStar R&D and has been optimized and integrated by Aston team.

“Aston welcomes MStar involvement and reaction time to give us the best support flow and its adaptation to our needs. This was one of the key items of project execution speed and success.”, says, Stéphane Nitenberg, Aston CEO

Thanks to the new partnership signed in between Conax and MStar end of 2012, the Xena HD Twin+ will undergo the stringent Conax security certification process in 2013 and MStar anticipates making the Conax chipset pairing version available by end of this year.

A single tuner version is also planned in Aston roadmap

Thanks to MStar MSD 7862 rich functionalities and Aston hardware and software design control, Xena HD Twin + is packed with cutting edge technologies.

THe XENA HD Twin + concentrates on its own, in addition to HbbTV, the following technologies

  • HD PVR functionalities, developed and proven by Aston since 2006, ensuring stability and reliability to operators and users.
  • Twin tuner for full flexibility in recordings management.
  • Integrated Push VOD functionalities in partnership with the French company Quadrille, with an optimum management thanks to twin tuner capacities
  • Exclusive Aston technology for multi-room streaming in secure mode without using a second smartcard on the secondary receivers

Integrating all these technologies in a single product is the perfect demonstration of Aston technological expertise and its ability to offer a full range of innovative solutions to its operator customers.

“MStar is very proud to power Xena HD Twin + with our MSD7862. This new chip performance highlight innovative and speed of this multiscreen platform while remaining affordable. This product showcase Aston and MStar potential on advanced operators markets”, said Philippe Notton, MStar STB Vice President.

The Xena HD Twin + shows the best of new technologies today.

Developed and pushed to market in less than one year it shows Aston willingness to have innovation at the heart of its strategy in developing and renewing its strategic partnerships.

This products shows company dynamism to offer the most suitable solutions to its customers

Visible results on this new product show Aston capacity in capitalizing on partner relationship to offer to the markets, innovatives, efficients and best quality/cost products