Hisense Launches the World's Fastest Smart TV

Thursday, April 18th, 2013
Hisense logo

BEIJING — With the introduction of VIDAA, a stunningly simple, elegant, yet immensely powerful User Interface (UI) for Smart TV, Hisense is providing easy, intuitive operation of advanced Smart TV features and functionality. VIDAA simplifies and enhances a passive, lean-back consumer experience with a new simplified remote control, intuitive channel surfing and four distinct content “silos” that make it easier for the entire household to access desired content.

At the major launch, Hisense is providing the global consumer electronics community and end-users across the world with the first look at what it promises will be the best-balanced coupling of connectivity, functionality and image performance. The four silos are designated by a specific button on the remote, representing Live TV, Video On Demand, Media Center for personal content, and Applications. Users can easily navigate among the silos and view uninterrupted content as images slide into view. This new type of user interface was designed to align with the passive nature of the 10-foot, lean back experience, which favors consumption-friendly TV over complicated and controlled interaction.

Commenting on the launch, the Chairman of Hisense Group Zhou Houjian said, “Today Hisense has re-invented Smart TV. Our goal, based on comprehensive behavioral and technology research, is to simplify the act of accessing content and reduce it from a complex cognitive process to almost a reflex!”

Global shipments of Smart TVs exceeded 50 million sets in 2012 and are expected to increase three-fold to 150 million sets by 2015. Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular, and Hisense believes that VIDAA is the peak of intelligence in the industry and will become the new standard for the category.

VIDAA TV is an interface designed and engineered by Jamdeo, an innovative joint venture company founded by Hisense and based in Toronto, Canada. Although initially launching in China this week, all indications point to a Q1 2014 North America launch for VIDAA TV!