Telekom Malaysia's HyppTV IPTV service to go nationwide

Monday, May 20th, 2013
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HyppTV goes nationwide and everywhere with TV over broadband and multi-screen offerings

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today announced that its IPTV service – HyppTV – powered by TM high speed broadband service, UniFi will be receiving a huge boost with the availability of the service nationwide and everywhere on multiple platforms with the introduction of its latest innovative offerings – HyppTV Over Broadband and HyppTV Everywhere.

Currently on its final testing stage, the two (2) new services will be commercially available to UniFi and Streamyx customers in Q3 this year. TM is conducting commercial trial for HyppTV Over Broadband involving its 1,000 Streamyx 8Mbps package subscribers.

HyppTV Everywhere, the first ever multi-screen offering will enable UniFi customers to watch HyppTV anywhere and anytime, true to TM’s aspiration of delivering an enhanced integrated digital lifestyle to Malaysians nationwide.

Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President, New Media, TM and Emily Wee, Vice President, Business and Media Operations, New Media, TM were present at a media and bloggers briefing held at Menara TM today.

At the event, Jeremy Kung enlightened the attendees on the latest offering and demonstrated the functions and features of the HyppTV Everywhere which includes Live TV channels and VOD programming.

TM will also be making its HyppTV service available to its 4Mbps and 8Mbps Streamyx broadband customers, thus expanding the reach of the IPTV service to even greater number of viewers nationwide.

Jeremy said, “Once again breaking new grounds, we are excited to share that more Malaysian TV viewers will be able to enjoy HyppTV with the transmission of the service over TM’s extensive broadband network and on multiple platforms soon. This is the first time that we will be offering our HyppTV content in the form of an application on your devices – be it your smartphones, tablets, PC or Laptops. We are also expanding the reach to customers outside the UniFi coverage areas with HyppTV Over Broadband, so now more Malaysians can experience the exciting content and superb picture quality of HyppTV. These offerings are aimed at providing our customers with more convenience and flexibility for an enhanced service experience, making our HyppTV not just Primetime, Anytime, Everytime as per our tagline, but we are extending it Everywhere as well!”

During the briefing session, members of the media and bloggers were also given a first hand preview of the new HyppTV set top box for its HyppTV Over Broadband roll out and HyppTV Everywhere on multiple platforms.

HyppTV is currently available to viewers come rain or shine through its residential UniFi packages, called VIP package, a triple-play offering that combines voice, video and data. Specifically for business customers, TM has also made HyppTV for Business available as part of the options in the UniFi BIZ package, making it a triple-play offering – a feature previously only made available to residential customers – enabling the SMEs to further enrich their businesses with exciting infotainment experience.

To date, HyppTV is Malaysia’s fastest growing IPTV service offering its customers 112 channels with 28 channels in High Definition (HD) – comprising 25 free-to-air channels including 8 radio channels, 48 premium channels, 19 Video-On-Demand (VOD) genres and 20 interactive channels.