Azerbaijan begins transition to DVB-T2 digital broadcasting

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Teleradio Production Association (PA) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) transfers digital broadcasting TV stations operating in DVB-T and MPEG4 format to the standard DVB-T2.

Currently, over 95% of the country has been covered with digital TV in the DVB-T and MPEG4 standard.

A protocol for the transition of existing stations to the standard DVB-T2 has been approved recently at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the MCIT.

At present, by replacing the relevant modules of the existing television stations DVB-T standard, Teleradio PA is carrying out work to transfer them to the standard DVB-T2. Today some stations in Baku city are implementing digital TV format DVB-T2, and it is planned to transfer all stations to this standard in the future.

Existing DVB-T stations provide 10-12 television channels in regions, and broadcast a social TV package of 24 channels in Baku, DVB-T2 stations are designed for commercial broadcasting services.

The transition to the new format will be implemented initially in areas that are ready to receive the signal. It should be noted that receiving and transforming equipment (decoder, set-top-box) is required for the reception of signals in this standard.

At the moment, the price of TV sets produced by the world’s leading manufacturers with support for this standard is at AZN180 – 200 and decoders – AZN30-40 in the local market.