HyperPanel unveils ALL-IN-ONE Multiscreen & Multiroom Media Home Gateway at IFA 2013

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

HyperPanel Lab unveils ALL-IN-ONE: a truly disruptive Multiscreen & Multiroom Media Home Gateway platform

BERLIN — HyperPanel Lab will showcase at IFA, together with its ODM partner Askey Computer Corporation (Hall 3.2 / Stand 213), the truly disruptive ALL-IN-ONE Multiscreen & Multiroom Media Home Gateway platform.

It is propelled by HyperPanel Lab’s latest generation Digital TV Middleware, featuring both HbbTV and HTML-5; advanced 4 tuners recording modes; a stylish Icon based intuitive User Interface; a NAS type multiroom DVR; and a state of the art multiscreen Connected TV Server – such as SAT>IP™ (certification pending).

ALL-IN-ONE stands as the ultimate best value for money TV & Media Home Gateway to date. It is simple to install and straight–forward to use. It comes with a specifically tailored built-in WiFi Access Point featuring Video optimized Quality Of Service. As such, it is capable of streaming 4 original DVB Broadcast TV services (or even up to 3 HDTV) to numerous modern devices such as Tablets or Smartphones, hence also offering advanced Whole Home DVR functions to run in parallel on all 4 indoor streamed services.

In a nutshell, it does perform, in a totally seamless manner, as a genuine Home DSLAM & Home TV Cloud, hence allowing incumbent Operators to utilise the efficiency of Broadcast networks to provide advanced services and content to all kinds of IP-connectable devices, including today’s increasingly popular mobile devices.

ALL-IN-ONE is a fully industrialized reference design, readily available for mass–production by Askey Corporation, a leading ODM Manufacturer, member of Asus Group, that leverages on 24 years of excellence and which makes beyond a billion dollars annual revenues serving A–Brands worldwide.