INSIDE Secure protects premium mobile entertainment for Sky Italia

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
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Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent Powers iOS and Android Apps for Sky Go OTT Video Service

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France — INSIDE Secure (NYSE Euronext Paris: INSD), a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, today announced it has licensed its downloadable DRM Fusion Agent™ software to Sky Italia, who is using it to protect premium video content delivery for their Sky Go OTT video service. Integrated into Sky Italia’s newest versions of their Sky Go mobile apps for iOS and Android™ devices, the INSIDE DRM Fusion Agent software is providing the critical content security Sky Italia needs in their mobile apps to make the live HDTV channels and thousands of on-demand HD video titles available to play on the smartphones and tablets of it its more than 1.9 million Sky Go subscribers throughout Italy.

“INSIDE has created an agile DRM solution that has been optimized for the complex, constantly changing mobile ecosystem and the peculiarities of Internet-based video streaming, with a robust API that minimizes integration effort and simplifies adding new mobile devices,” said Pier Paolo Tamma, information technology director at Sky Italia. “The stability of the software, the completeness of the documentation and the user friendliness were some other primary considerations in our selection of the DRM Fusion Agent software, as well as the success it has achieved in providing similar content protection for the Sky Go service in Germany and Austria.”

The Sky Italia Sky Go service offers viewers more than 30 live HDTV channels, including exclusive sports coverage, and a broad range of high-definition on-demand entertainment, including hundreds of movies; all seasons of popular TV series and exclusive Sky productions; documentary programs on nature, science, history and art; cartoons and programs for children of all ages; and the best in sports. The service is available on a variety of iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as PCs.

“Sky Italia’s decision to adopt our DRM Fusion Agent software for their next-generation Android and iOS apps is the latest example of its acceptance by the leading over-the-top service providers and has again validated INSIDE as the gold standard among mobile DRM solutions,” said Dr. Simon Blake-Wilson, executive vice president of the Mobile Security division at INSIDE Secure. “With leading customers like Sky, the BBC, HBO, Amazon and others — as well as with all the major Hollywood studios — we are able to work with platform providers like Apple and Google to ensure that our software continues to provide the best user experience on every mobile device.”

DRM Fusion Agent is the world’s leading DRM solution for Android, iOS and BB10 devices. Consumers worldwide have already downloaded more than 60 million mobile apps with downloadable DRM Fusion Agent software embedded in them, protecting billions of premium content playbacks. DRM Fusion Agent offers developers the critical Microsoft PlayReady, Windows Media DRM, OMA DRM 2.X, and/or UltraViolet security they need in their mobile apps to enable premium content to be played on Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10-based mobile devices. Approved for use by Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry and all the major Hollywood studios, the downloadable DRM Fusion Agent software provide content protection and packaging, licensing and key management for multiple mobile device platforms and operating systems.

The INSIDE downloadable DRM Fusion Agent software allows protected high-value content to be distributed in a single, uniform and secure way to all supported platforms and devices. Operators can more quickly deploy secure content services and support a variety of business models, including ad-supported and pre-paid services, dramatically reducing DRM implementation costs and time to market. It also enables media companies and high-value content providers to more quickly achieve revenue from service deployment by eliminating the dependence on mobile phone and device manufacturers to embed DRM protection.