Ghana publishes conformance procedure for Digital TV logos

Friday, January 31st, 2014
National Communications Authority logo

NCA Publishes procedure for the award Conformance Logos for Digital TV sets and decoders

Ghana’s National Communications Authority (NCA) has published the procedure for the award of the Conformance Logos for Digital TV sets and decoders. This conformance procedure also called conformance regime requires all manufacturers and/or dealers of television sets and set-top boxes for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) to test their products with accredited laboratories before being granted the authorisation to use the conformance logos i.e. the Digital Ghana thumb logos. The logo will confirm to consumers that the receiver is Ghana DTT compliant.

The Authority has accredited and shortlisted eligible test labs around the world to provide standard tests on all models of set-top boxes (STBs) and integrated digital television sets (iDTVs), to verify that these DTT receivers conform to the Minimum Requirements for Free to Air (FTA) Digital Television Receivers.

The effective date of this regime is 1st January, 2014. Application forms for the conformance logo and the timeframes for processing the logo applications are contained in the publication. Dealers, manufacturers, agents and retailers of TV sets and set top boxes in Ghana are required to submit returns on the data of the purchasers of their products as required by the existing bodies of law. The publication details out the required information.

The Authority shall commence a nationwide public education on the conformance logos to guide the general public in their purchasing decisions. Consumers who wish to acquire TV sets and/or decoders should look out for the Digital Ghana thumb logos. They should also provide information on their names, area where the product would be used and telephone numbers upon purchase.

Accredited Conformance Test Laboratories:

DTG Testing Limited (DTGTL), London, UK
National Testing & Inspection Center for Radio & TV Products (TIRT), Beijing, China
Digital TV Labs, Bristol, UK
Altech Multimedia (AMM), Mount Edgecombe, South Africa
SONY EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
SONY EMCS EMC/RF Test, Chiba, Japan
SONY KODA EMC Test Laboratory, Aichi, Japan