Samsung reasserts Smart TV dominance in Q4 2013

Monday, February 17th, 2014 
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Q4 2013: Samsung Global Smart TV Market Share Reaches 26 Percent, LG and Sony Follow at 14 Percent Each

BOSTON, MA — Samsung retained its leadership position in the global Smart TV(1) market amid the competitive holiday season of Q4 2013 with a 26.4 percent share as TV vendors rapidly deploy Smart TV capabilities to garner higher average selling prices (ASPs), according to the latest Strategy Analytics research, “Smart TV Market Share Report Q4 2013”.

Figure 1: Top 5 Global Smart TV and Flat Panel TV Vendors
Global Smart TV/Flat Panel TV Vendor Market Share - Samsung, LG Electronics, Sony Corporation, Panasonic, Sharp Corporation, TCL, Hisense

The Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices (CHD) service report estimates that Samsung’s nearest competitor, LG, registered a 14.4 percent market share of Smart TV shipments. Although Sony ships fewer Flat Panel TV (FPTV) units than LG, it has been aggressive in its efforts to add Smart TV capabilities to nearly all models it currently offers, which helped Sony capture another 14.3 percent of the Smart TV market.

David Watkins, Director of Connected Home Devices at Strategy Analytics, said: “As Smart TV becomes a more standard feature in TVs, dictated both by the vendors’ desire to raise ASPs and consumers’ desire to future-proof their big ticket purchases, Smart TV market shares will begin to more closely resemble that of the overall FPTV market. We see this fluctuation sorting itself out among the Japanese vendors which came to the segment early and fast-growing Chinese vendors like TCL.”

Eric Smith, Analyst of Connected Home Devices at Strategy Analytics, added: “Samsung and LG have done well in growing their overall FPTV market shares while also refreshing their line-ups with more high value-added products like Smart TVs that have slowed ASP decline at these two companies. Not coincidentally, both companies witnessed a surge in Smart TV market share in the same period.”

1. Strategy Analytics defines Smart TVs as subset of Connected FPTVs that have broad internet access and include advanced smart functionalities.