Belgacom launches TV Replay in Dutch-speaking parts of Belgium

Monday, February 17th, 2014
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Belgacom launches TV Replay, a new way of watching TV, in Dutch-speaking parts of Belgium

TV Replay is a new, exclusive Belgacom service which allows Belgacom TV customers to watch programs up to 36 hours after they’ve been broadcast, on their TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. In the first phase, TV Replay will offer six channels, and on 15 April seven other channels will be added.

Following a successful four-month test period with 10,000 Dutch-speaking Belgacom TV customers, Belgacom is launching TV Replay in Flanders and Brussels on 17 February. With this new service, Belgacom TV viewers can watch TV programs up to 36 hours after they’ve been broadcast, on their TV, computer, smartphone or tablet.

Belgacom is the first to launch such a product on the digital TV market in Belgium, in cooperation with the channels. Thanks to this new product, you don’t have to worry if you forget to record a program, and you are no longer dependent on the TV guide. With TV Everywhere, customers could watch TV wherever they wanted: TV Replay now allows them to also do this whenever they want.

TV ReplayTV Replay and TV Replay+

Belgacom is launching TV Replay in two versions:

  • TV Replay, which allows viewers to watch programs broadcast in the past 36 hours (3 euro per month).
  • TV Replay+, which allows viewers not only to watch programs broadcast in the past 36 hours, but also to fast-forward the chosen program (7 euro per month).

Subscribers who opt for TV Replay/TV Replay+ from now until 15 April can enjoy this new service free of charge for two months.

6 channels in phase 1

In the first phase, which starts on 17 February, the TV Replay offer will consist of six channels (één, één HD, Canvas, Canvas HD, Ketnet/OP12, VIER, VIER HD, Belgacom 11, Belgacom 11+, and Belgacom 5) and viewers will be able to watch the programs of these channels not only on their TV, but also on their computer, smartphone or tablet via TV Everywhere.

13 channels in phase 2

On 15 April, seven channels will be added to the TV Replay offer (Vijf, Vijf HD, VTM, VTMHD, 2BE, 2BE HD, Vitaya, JIM, anne and VtmKzoom), the MEDIALAAN-channels only on TV. Later on, more channels will complete the offer.

From this date, not all programs of the channels will be available via TV Replay/TV Replay+. This is because the channels do not have the rights to broadcast all programs with a delay. The programs of the channels that allow TV Replay/TV Replay+ are indicated in the TV Guide with the TV Replay logo.

Approved by 10,000 Belgacom TV customers

10,000 Dutch-speaking Belgacom TV customers tested the new service for free before the launch. More than 90% of test users were satisfied with the simplicity and user-friendliness of TV Replay+. The test period for French-speaking Belgacom TV customers began later and is still underway.