Belgacom launches V5 Mini set-top box

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014
Belgacom logo

On May 2nd, the new V5 Mini decoder will be available to Belgacom TV customers.

Designed to serve as a second or third decoder, it has no hard disk and is smaller, lighter and more economical as well as fast and powerful. Its remote control operates via radio frequencies, enabling users to interact with the decoder without having to point their remote at it. Thanks to this new feature, the V5 Mini can be positioned out of sight, hidden in a cupboard for instance.

Recording your programs from more than 40 channels

The full digital tv experience is available on the V5 mini decoder. Users have access to all the menus, they can pause and resume programs, fast forward or rewind… The V5 Mini even enables to program TV recordings and to watch them on the TV screen for up to 30 days without the need of a hard disk. Indeed, this model has an integrated recording system on a secured external server. This feature is available for 44 channels already; number that is set to increase over the next months.

Mini-decoder, mini-price

Belgacom offers the V5 Mini €4/month (rental price). It is also for sale at €125.