TiVo co-founders launch Qplay internet video curation box

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
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TiVo Co-Founders Launch Qplay to Redefine Internet Video Entertainment Experience

  • Qplay Brings Innovative New User Experience Specifically Designed to Bring The Best Internet Video to Any Device

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The co-founders of TiVo, who invented the DVR, the technology that gives viewers control of their TV entertainment, today launched a new company that will bring unprecedented control and personalization to the Internet video viewing experience.

Qplay creates a new entertainment experience designed for a world where Internet video is plentiful, tablets are ubiquitous, and people want to watch a variety of programming from any screen. Qplay lets users curate Internet video across the web and enjoy highly personalized streams of content called Qs. Viewers just open the Q and video starts to play.

“With TiVo, Jim and I focused on creating a great consumer experience that put the viewer in control of the video they watched,” said Mike Ramsay, CEO of Qplay. “We’re applying the same focus to Internet video with Qplay and are creating a new kind of consumer experience that exploits the full potential of the Internet to give viewers a unique way to control their video entertainment.”

Qplay taps into the power of the cloud, the tablet and the TV to deliver capabilities that were not previously possible. The Qplay system uses an iPad app for discovery, playback and control, a Qplay TV Adapter, smaller than a deck of cards, integrates with the TV, and a unique cloud service manages and accesses content. Since it’s in the cloud, the content will continue to play on the TV even if the iPad is shut down or goes to sleep, all without draining the iPad’s battery.

Videos come to the consumer in the form of Qs — automated streams of popular and newsworthy video so the consumer has something to watch instantly. Personalized Qs allow viewers to create virtual, on the fly channels around their favorite interests. And Social Qs that leverage social discovery bringing videos directly to viewers via friend’s feeds on social networks, and picks from tastemakers.

“I have always been passionate about solving difficult technical problems in a way that enriches consumers’ lives and can scale to a “mass audience,” says James Barton, CTO and President of Qplay. “The delivery of compelling video experiences to consumers presents some unique and important technical challenges, far beyond those of the broadcast world. At Qplay, we have assembled a great team of engineers from Apple, Google and TiVo. Our innovation is resulting in a number of unique and powerful solutions, such as Qs, which result in a great experience for our customers.”

Qplay was founded in August 2012 and initially funded by Redpoint Ventures and Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers.

“We invested in Qplay because we believe in Mike and Jim. What they accomplished at TiVo shook up the industry and gave consumers a new way to watch TV. We expect nothing less of them as they now target the Internet video space,” says Geoff Yang, Partner at Redpoint. “I’m looking forward to exciting levels of innovation which I know Mike and Jim can deliver.”

Qplay is making this experience available today for viewers who want to play a role in the development of the service. During the early adopter phase, the app, TV adapter and cloud service are all bundled together. Viewers can purchase the Qplay TV Adapter today at qplay.co at a special limited time discount price of just $49. Since supplies are limited, users are encouraged to order early to get in the queue. A number of TV Adapters will ship immediately, first come, first served, and other orders will be treated as pre-orders, and will ship as soon as they’re available.