Malta releases TV Consumer Perception Survey

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
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Consumer Perception Survey on TV Services 2013

Between August and October 2013, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) commissioned a survey to gauge consumer sentiment on TV distribution services, in particular their perceptions on the general quality of service and prices.

Here are some of the main findings.

According to the survey results, 46% of Maltese households have at least two TV sets, with 57% of Maltese Households today having at least one HD TV set at home, a stark increase compared to the 28% in 2011. This notwithstanding, only 5% of Maltese households are subscribed to an HD TV package.

With regard to quality satisfaction levels, an average of 68% of Pay-TV subscribers say they are satisfied or highly satisfied with the quality of their TV connection. The channel line-up of both operators is the main cause of dissatisfaction amongst those households that are less satisfied. The results also show that a good number of households are not familiar with the basic terms and conditions of their contract.

23% of pay TV subscribers do not know the cost of their TV service. Having said this, 51% of all GO DTTV subscribers and 39% of all households with a Melita connection perceive prices to be neither expensive nor cheap. Subscriptions to premium channels are also on the increase with 25% of households with a pay-TV connection being subscribed to one or more premium channels, 9 percentage points more than in 2011.

Interestingly, 26% of households view TV via the Internet, a marked increase from 19% in 2011. 51% of these households always/often consider Internet TV as a good substitute to traditional TV.