IPKO launches SMART BOX PVR in Kosovo

Monday, February 24th, 2014
IPKO logo

Kosovo’s IPKO Telecommunications has announced the launch of a new SMART BOX personal video recorder (PVR) for its cable TV service.

The features that distinguish this receiver from the previous ones are: the option of pausing the LIVE program that you are watching, and continue watching it where you left later on; the option to go forward and continue backwards in any program you like; recording your preferred channel so that you can see it whenever you have time; (VoD) Video library where you have access 24 hours a day and you can watch different movies; the redesigned television guide; Parental control over what and when your children can watch, and many other options.

To use the features such as recording, forward and backward and pause, the customer must attach an HDD on the USB2 port at the back of the SMART BOX.