NHK to demonstrate 8K (Super Hi-Vision) at NAB 2014

Monday, March 17th, 2014
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NHK to demonstrate cutting edge technological advances centering around 8K (Super Hi-Vision) at NAB 2014

TOKYO — 8K (Super Hi-Vision) is a next-generation broadcasting system offering 33 million pixels per frame, 16 times more resolution than current Full HD and four times more than 4K TV, as well as 22.2 multichannel surround sound that reproduces sound in three dimensions. Aiming towards test broadcasting in 2016 and full broadcasting service in 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, there is an air of heightened anticipation for the evolution of a broadcasting style that gives an elevated sense of reality in various genres, such as sport, live music, film and drama. 8K is the next step in this evolution, and NHK will display what is Japan’s foremost broadcasting technology at the world’s biggest exhibition of broadcast equipment, NAB2014.

8K Premium Presentation Theater to be installed at NAB2014 Venue

  • Experience the realness of high definition imagery and 22.2 multichannel 3D sound that only 8K can offer via a huge 350-inch screen at a presentation theater specially prepared for the event.
  • Whether it be the excitement of the Olympic Games, or the fever of Tokyo Girls Collection, or the dynamism of the traditional “ Nomaoi ” samurai horse-riding festival, all content shown via the 8K format infuses the sensations and emotions of each event, making you feel as though you are actually there. Through this rich 8K lineup of footage, visitors will be offered a previously unknown viewer experience.

Displaying the ever-evolving 8K Gadgetry

  • The 8K Cube-shaped camera: This is a ultra-small scale camera head that weighs in at 2 kg. It enables dynamic camera operation and special filming.
  • 8K-capable HEVC real-time Encoder: This HEVC ( “high-efficiency video coding”, also known as H.265) real-time encoder has been adapted for use with 8K technology as a next-generation video compression system, which has a compression ratio 4 times greater than the MPEG-2 format.
  • 8K terrestrial broadcasting system: This realizes 4 times more transmission efficiency compared to the current standard. About 90Mbps transmission capacity in 1 channel. 8K long-distance transmission test held this January in Japan will also be introduced.
  • Display-integrated, 3-D sound reproduction speakers: This is a sound system that incorporates 12 speakers into the frame of the display. The 22.2 multichannel 3-D sound can be reproduced virtually on any household TV.

NHK Hybridcast also on display

NHK’s Hybridcast made its debut last September. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, a new time-shift playback service, which allowed viewers to return to the beginning of programs to watch them even during broadcasting, was trialled, adding to the new initiatives that continue to be developed. In addition to the independent Hybridcast service, a program-linking application for smartphones and tablet PCs that allows users to take part in programs – a service that was spawned from Hybridcast — will be shown at NAB2014.