SMiT, iQIYI and TCL launch DVB+OTT 'Merged Television System'

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
SMiT Corp logo

BEIJING — SMiT Corporation (SMiT), a global leading provider of techniques for safe distribution of paid content, announced the successful joint launch of a “merged television system” (hereinafter called “the system”) with IQiYi, China’s largest online video operator, and TCL, the well-known smart television manufacturer, to integrate a preponderance of internet videos and the interactive watching experience with live high-definition cable programs.

The system merges cloud platform and internet video content services into a smart terminal. To enjoy the convenience of the system, users only need to plug the “merged television-mate” into the USB port of a smart television or set-top box and start the corresponding application. With its size as small as normal USB devices, this television-mate is the smallest high-definition digital television box at present.

The “merged cloud platform” supported by SMiT can provide a series of services, including but not limited to smart EPG, video on-demand, content customization, cable TV and internet video interactions. With the dominance of IQiYi in the internet video industry, users can enjoy an abundance of high-definition videos, on-demand with licensed copyrights. TCL will provide all series of smart terminal products and channel supports.

“Our accumulated experience in the broadcasting and television industry enables us to manage the integration of internet video services into high-definition live cable programs, which improves users’ images of smart digital lives. Besides, the system is open-ended, which means it is applicable for all kinds of smart television terminals and set-top boxes,” said Mr. Hongyu Shuai, President of SMiT. “We hope to establish cooperation with more enterprises to accelerate the interaction of traditional cable television and newly developing internet television. To adapt to the development, pattern and critical thinking of the internet industry, we set up Beijing Convergence Video Technology Co., Ltd. with the hope of achieving a faster and more concentrated promotion of the system.”

The system will be exhibited at the 22nd China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN), held from March 20-22 at SMiT’s booth, and it will be launched on the market in the near future.