Over half of Dutch households subscribed to triple-play

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014
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HOUTEN, The Netherlands — More than half of Dutch households (53%) were subscribed to three fixed services from one provider in Q4 2013. Six percent of those triple-play customers also had a mobile subscription from the same provider (quad-play), according to independent market researcher Telecompaper.

The figures come from the report ‘Triple Play Insights Q4 2013’, based on a survey of 14,500 Dutch consumers aged 12-80. The survey was conducted during the fourth quarter of 2013 by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel.

The survey found that Ziggo, UPC and KPN have been the most successful at signing up customers for triple-play, with almost six out of ten of their subscribers on triple-play in Q4 2013. Tele2 and Online had much lower penetrations, at just over a quarter of customers on triple-play subscriptions.

A fifth of Telfort’s triple-play customer base signed up for their subscription in the past six months, suggesting the KPN subsidiary is winning new customers. Telfort had in total 4 percent of triple-play customers in Q4 2013, similar to Tele2’s share. Together with Ziggo, Telfort also had the highest Net Promoter Score, which measures whether customers would recommend the provider to others. Online.nl had the lowest NPS, at -23, with an average of -8.

The percentage of triple-play customers subscribing to a plus package with extra TV channels has increased gradually over the past three quarters. KPN (27%) and XS4ALL (30%) triple-play customers more often have a plus package than the market average (23%).

The report ‘Triple Play Insights Q4 2013’ provides extensive information on the triple-play market in the Netherlands, characteristics of the triple-play customer, purchase factors, sales channels, usage, NPS, considered package changes and household devices. The full report is now available for a special introductory price of 3,500 euros.