NTT to release H.265/HEVC decoder for 4K TV

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
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NTT Advanced Technology to Release in August H.265/HEVC Decoder for 4K TV Broadcasting and Video Delivery

TOKYO — NTT Advanced Technology Corp. (NTT-AT hereafter) announced on June 10 that it will launch in August 2014 the “H.265/HEVC Decoder Appliance” (tentative name) ready for the 4K “Range Extensions” Profile (4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit video) (Note *1). Fitted with a DVB-ASI input terminal and four 3G-SDI output terminals, necessary for digital broadcasting systems such as a reception monitor for retransmitting 4K broadcast waves, the product will meet rising demand from broadcasting stations and various service providers in the wake of the start of experimental 4K broadcasting.

In the U.S., cable TV operators and video delivery service providers have openly stated their intention to further expand their 4K video offerings, cashing in on the recent increase in the sales of TV sets ready for 4K or Ultra High Definition (UHD) broadcasting. In Japan, where experimental 4K broadcasting has started, there are expectations of surging demand for decoder appliances for broadcast video monitoring. Moreover, as broadcasting stations are opting for the 4:2:2 color format (Note *2) with a high degree of color reproducibility for their broadcasting content, new decoders need to be ready for the H.265/HEVC “Range Extensions” Profile (4:2:2, 10bit).

NTT-AT has developed video coding products, compatible with a wide variety of formats, for global markets, successfully building a large installed customer base for its high-efficiency video coding products. As 4K broadcasting and video delivery services continue to expand, the company is developing to offer the “H.265/HEVC Decoder Appliance” ready for 4K Range Extensions Profile (4:2:2, 10bit), contributing further to the development of the broadcasting and video delivery service markets.

Video formats supported for playback H.265/HEVC Range Extensions Profile(Main 4:2:2 10bit)
Color format 4:2:2, bit depth: 10bit
External dimensions: 19-inch rack for mounting 4 units (planned)
Input terminal DVB-ASI × 1
USB for file playback: Type-A × 3 ports,USB 2.0 × 3 ports
Output terminal SD/HD/3G-SDI × 4 (4K)
HDMI 2.0 × 1 (planned)

Target markets

  • Broadcasting stations and video delivery service providers that require monitoring decoders for confirming the reception of 4K broadcasting and redistribution.
  • Event operators requiring decoders for confirming the transmission of 4K live videos.

*1. Range Extensions Profile: A high definition video coding format. The 4K profile is scheduled to be implemented as a coding standard in June 2014.
*2. Color format 4:2:2: A type of signal format with twice as much color-difference information as format 4:2:0.