Blue Ant Media partners with IRIS.TV for contextual advertising

Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 
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Blue Ant Media Partners with IRIS.TV to Enhance Advertising Value for Brands Across Global Free Streaming Channels

  • Advertisers can now contextually target audiences at the video level on the company’s FAST channel offerings around the world

TORONTO — International producer, distributor and channel operator, Blue Ant Media, is partnering with leading content data platform, IRIS.TV, to enable video-level contextual advertising across the company’s portfolio of global free-streaming channels. As an IRIS-enabled™ partner, Blue Ant Media provides brands the ability to target audiences through relevant content at the right moment. It does so by allowing advertisers to activate campaigns with unparalleled content transparency through A.I.. The partnership signals Blue Ant Media’s continued commitment to growing and enhancing its global FAST offering. It also complements the initiatives that Media Pulse, a Blue Ant Company, has made in contextual targeting across the Canadian marketplace.

Blue Ant Media global FAST channels - Love Nature, NatureTime, HauntTV, Total Crime, Homeful, HistoryTime, Love Pets and Drag Race Universe

“IRIS.TV’s technology not only enables us to offer better value to our advertisers, but also enriches the viewing experience for audiences by serving ads that are more relevant to them,” says Jamie Schouela, President, Global Channels and Media. “As more global viewers continue to discover our free streaming channels, this is the perfect time to be integrating with IRIS.TV’s cutting edge data partner ecosystem and further optimize value for our brand partners.”

Blue Ant Media’s suite of FAST (free, ad-supported streaming TV) channels offer audiences curated programming that is easy and free to access on platforms like The Roku Channel, Samsung TV Plus,VIZIO WatchFree+, Tubi, Freevee, and LG. The company’s growing global portfolio of FAST channels include Love Nature, NatureTime, HauntTV, Total Crime, Homeful, HistoryTime, Love Pets and Drag Race Universe.

“Today’s consumers are motivated by their mood and mindset when it comes to watching content and are sensitive to disruptive, irrelevant and unsuitable ad experiences,” says Steve Reich, Head of Publisher Development at IRIS.TV. “By partnering with Blue Ant Media, we are enabling publishers to get the most value from every video by utilizing video-level data to power better experiences for audiences and drive better advertising outcomes for brands.”

Through IRIS.TV’s content identifier, the IRIS_ID, Blue Ant Media provides access to video-level data as the path to precise targeting that is accurate and privacy-first. Using the IRIS_ID as a signal, Blue Ant Media’s FAST channels allow advertisers to use their preferred brand suitability and contextual data partners to target their CTV inventory. These data partners use A.I., including computer vision and natural language processing, to analyze video frame-by-frame and assign segments from standard contextual taxonomies such as IAB, sentiment, emotion, object recognition, celebrities, logos, brand safety, etc., and GARM brand suitability. IRIS-enabled data partners include Captify, GumGum, IAS, Illuma, Kerv AI, Oracle Advertising, Pixability, Reticle AI, PreciseTV, Sightly, Silverpush, Sounder, 4D and others.

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