Titan OS expands channel lineup

Tuesday, March 12th, 2024 
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Titan OS partners with top global and European brands to expand its channel lineup

  • Through partnerships with Euronews, Bloomberg TV, Red Bull TV, CHILI, FUNKE Digital, Blue Ant Media, Insight TV, Love TV Channels, and more Titan OS reinforces its content proposition
  • This expansion builds on Titan OS’ mission to rethink TV together by offering easier content discovery for viewers and the potential for better cut-through for advertisers

Titan OS S.L. (Titan OS), the technology, entertainment, and advertising company based in Barcelona, has announced partnerships with top media networks to expand its channel lineup.

Through this expansion, Titan OS strengthens its premium content proposition focused on delivering premium local and global content spanning news, sports, entertainment, music, movies, series and more. Partnerships include top media networks, including Euronews, Bloomberg TV, Red Bull TV, CHILI, FUNKE Digital, Blue Ant Media, Insight TV, and Love TV Channels, among many others.

Titan OS screen

The additional channels (Free ad-supported streaming television) are seamlessly integrated within the operating system, enabling viewers to easily discover content and reducing search time.

The channels are also featured on the homepage and audiences can access with a single click on a dedicated button on the remote control.

“By presenting FAST and broadcast channels together, we are taking steps to improve the viewer search experience – something that will become increasingly important to the entire industry as the dramatic increase in adoption of CTVs across Europe continues. The easier content discovery is, the more effective monetisation options there are for content providers and manufacturers, and the better cut-through opportunities there are for advertisers”, stated Lucas Llop, VP Advertising at Titan OS.

The expansion of the channel lineup marks a significant milestone in Titan OS’ mission to rethink TV together through a win-win business approach for all industry stakeholders. Viewers will enjoy a revitalised content discovery experience that opens up exciting future opportunities for advertisers, while content providers and manufacturers are also set to benefit. It also paves the way for exciting future developments, such as the potential for more relevant personalised content recommendations for viewers and better cut-through of advertising tailored to specific viewer preferences.

Through strategic partnership with TP Vision, the international company responsible for the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Philips branded TVs, Titan OS already powers Philips and AOC’s Linux 2024 Smart TVs across Europe and will be progressively rolled out to earlier models via an automatic software update. It will also be the operating system on JVC Smart TVs in the UK throughout 2024. Available for licensing, Titan OS allows TV manufacturers without their own operating system to access its wide selection of content and unlock new recurring revenue streams. Meanwhile, content owners will benefit from additional distribution opportunities to reach unique audiences and optimised monetisation strategies.

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