DivX adds real-time 1080p encoding to MainConcept HEVC SDK

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014
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DivX Releases MainConcept HEVC SDK 3.0 with Support for Real-Time 1080p Encoding of High-Quality Video

SAN DIEGO — DivX, LLC, a leading provider of next-generation digital video solutions, today announced the release of the MainConcept® HEVC SDK 3.0. The newest release of the industry leading HEVC encoding tool includes support for real-time encoding of 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

“We’re proud that the latest release of our high-quality HEVC encoder has realized definitive performance improvements, enabling real-time encoding and improved file based encoding performance for our customers,” said Thomas Kramer, VP of Professional Products at DivX, LLC. “MainConcept offers one of the most mature HEVC solutions on the market, providing not only quality and compression benefits but significant speed and performance improvements that will help accelerate the adoption of this great new technology across the industry.”

Additionally, the release includes enhancements to the decoders available for PC and ARM, which adds weighted prediction, PCM decoding and Transquant Bypass to support playback on content from other party codec vendors. The MainConcept HEVC SDK continues to make strides on encoding quality and performance, based on numerous in-house tests, currently realizing 35-48 percent bitrate improvements over H.264 (MainConcept H.264 v9.8 encoder) in internal company benchmark tests. What’s more, the included and patent-pending SABET™ (Smart Adaptive Bitrate Encoding Technology) achieved more than a 30 percent performance gain with transcoding adaptive formats such as DivX® HEVC adaptive streaming. This means companies interested in maximizing the efficiency of their applications, services and environments may reduce total encoding time for an adaptive stream by more than 30 percent by using SABET.

MainConcept is a leading provider of video and audio encoding, decoding, transcoding and streaming technologies. With offerings that range from individual components for software developers to ready to use enterprise transcoding solutions, MainConcept’s video technology deliver exceptionally high quality, high performance and bitrate efficient solutions for digital media professionals. MainConcept’s HEVC offering is part of the DivX end-to-end HEVC solution, which is designed to accelerate the adoption of the latest compression standard across the entire video distribution system, spanning the creation, delivery, and multi-screen playback of high quality content. DivX recently received a 2014 Best Ultra HD Codec award from Ultra HDTV Magazine for its DivX 10 software and MainConcept HEVC SDK.