Israel's yesGO OTT deploys Radware application delivery and security

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
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Radware’s Alteon NG Selected by yes Satellite to Help Launch New Video Platform Service

  • Leading Israeli Provider of Home Media Entertainment Selects Radware’s Load Balancing and Integrated Security Solutions to Help Bring Video ‘On Demand’ Platform to Life

MAHWAH, N.J. — Radware®(Nasdaq:RDWR), a leading provider of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, announced that yes Satellite, Israel’s leading provider of home entertainment with over 600,000 customers has recently deployed Radware’s Alteon® NG, a next-generation Application Delivery Controller (ADC), DefensePro®, a real-time behavioral based DDoS attack mitigation device and AppWall®, an ICSA certified web application firewall.

The combined ADC and application security solution enabled yes Satellite to launch “yesGO”, a new video platform service that allows customers to access video content on their PCs, MACs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. In order to provide this seamless, cross-device service with over 40 linear channels and thousands of hours of premium video on demand, Radware’s Alteon NG was selected to optimize yes Satellite’s IT infrastructure in order to bring this project to life.

With an influx of users accessing the new platform around the clock, yes Satellite employed the Alteon NG to offload the processing-intensive transfer procedures of SSL data that would normally overburden their servers and also installed separate virtual environments for different services through the deployment of Radware’s Alteon NG. Leveraging a separate vADC instance per environment enabled yes Satellite to offer a new and invaluable over the top content (OTT) to its subscribers.

“The launch of yesGO places yes in the global technological frontier for multi-channel television,” says Moti Stambulchik, Infrastructure Manager at yes Satellite. “For us to remain cutting-edge, our valued customers need to access video content without fail each and every time – regardless of the type of device used. Radware helped keep our video content streaming with a consistent level of service and low latency.”

To help protect yesGO against network and application downtime, yes Satellite also deployed Radware’s DefensePro and AppWall. DefensePro provides security for DDoS mitigation and SSL-based protection to fully protect applications and networks against known and emerging network security threat. As yesGo is a new self-provisioning service where customers gain direct access to video content, AppWall helps secure the new site through real-time mitigation of web application threats and vulnerabilities and blocks attacks at the perimeter. Once AppWall detects a web or application based availability attack, its new Defense Signaling feature automatically signals DefensePro to mitigate and block attacks in real-time.

To easily manage the Alteon NG, DefensePro and AppWall solutions, yes Satellite also implemented APSolute Vision, a unified management and monitoring tool that provides immediate visibility to health, real-time status, and performance from one centralized location.

The “pay-as-you-grow” scalability found in Radware’s offering provides yes Satellite a cost-effective solution that is easy to upgrade with no downtime. yes Satellite went from an initial purchase of 1Gb to 20Gb with an option to easily scale up to 80Gb, without sacrificing any downtime or service disruption. With one management system, yes Satellite can proactively monitor network activity by quickly detecting, isolating and resolving problems before they impact their customers or business productivity.

“We are pleased to provide yes Satellite with advanced global load balancing and integrated security so that they can continue to offer new services and help them remain a premier video content provider in Israel,” says Erez Vitelstein, country manager for Israel, Radware.