OpenTV surpasses major industry milestone of 100 million enabled devices worldwide

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
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OpenTV Continues to Impact Television Viewing; OpenTV Leads Industry as the Premier Provider of Digital Television Services Deploying More Digital Devices Than Any of Its Competitors

SAN FRANCISCO — The television viewing experience has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Passive, one-way delivery of viewing content has evolved into a highly interactive, two-way television experience, due in large part to significant contributions by OpenTV Corp. (NASDAQ GM: OPTV), a leading provider of solutions for the delivery of advanced television and interactive services. Today, OpenTV is pleased to announce that more than 100 million OpenTV-enabled digital set-top boxes and televisions have been deployed worldwide.

Since its first deployments in 1997, OpenTV’s technology has been integrated into more digital set-top boxes and televisions than any of its competitors and has an industry footprint that extends today into 100 countries, through partnerships with more than 50 network operators and 40 set-top box manufacturers.

In just over ten years, OpenTV’s technology has greatly changed the way people enjoy television around the world, as a result of long-standing partnerships with global leaders including customers such as News Corporation, EchoStar, and Liberty Global; set-top box manufacturers such as Pace Micro Technology and Thomson; chipset vendors such as ST Microelectronics and Broadcom; and conditional access partners such as Nagravision, Irdeto and NDS. As PVR penetration grows and as other technologies such as broadband, video-on-demand and high definition gain popularity among consumers, OpenTV is committed to meeting the growing demands of the industry, enabling operators worldwide to offer advanced services to their viewers. On a global scale, OpenTV supports the largest installed base of PVR devices among middleware providers.

“As we surpass the 100 million device mark, I can proudly state that OpenTV’s technology has truly become the cornerstone of digital television services around the world,” said Ben Bennett, OpenTV’s Chief Operating Officer. “This is no small feat when you consider the size and complexity of the global television industry. We have come a long way since the late nineties when HDTV, DVR’s and advanced interactive services were still immature technologies and not fully consumer-grade quality. That has now changed as we see the deployment of much more advanced interactivity being integrated with the traditional viewing experience. Considering that still only ten percent of the world’s 1.78 billion televisions are digitally enabled, we have a great market opportunity ahead of us.”

Viewer experiences around the world illustrate how 100 million OpenTV-enabled digital devices have changed the way consumers interact with their televisions. In the United States, DISH Network viewers are now voting and polling through their televisions, as illustrated by the recent launch of its DISH Decision 2008 interactive election application. DishTV subscribers in India are playing interactive cricket and FOXTEL subscribers in Australia are selecting and voting for their favorite television shows in Australia. In 2004, nearly nine million BSkyB digital satellite viewers in the United Kingdom, representing 58 percent of the available digital satellite audience at that time, used the BBC’s interactive 2004 Summer Olympic Games services powered by OpenTV.

“We have a long-standing relationship with OpenTV and are pleased to be a part of this industry milestone,” said Carl Vogel, Vice Chairman of DISH Network. “Through our partnership with OpenTV and use of their technology, we have been able to differentiate our platform in the market. This was most recently illustrated by the launch of our DISH Decision 2008 application, which was a collaborative effort on behalf of our two companies.”

Neil Gaydon, Chief Executive Officer at Pace Micro Technology commented: “We have been an OpenTV licensee since the beginning, and we have worked together on some of the world’s most exciting digital TV launches. Most recently this work has included a number of high definition PVR developments, including the first Pace/OpenTV/Irdeto partnership for the launch of Turkey’s first HD PVR. At Pace, our focus is on delivering great products to our customers every time, but this can only be achieved by working with the best partners in set-top box technology. We are proud to say that OpenTV is just such a partner.”

The achievement of 100 million deployed digital devices is truly remarkable when compared against other consumer technology icons. For example, OpenTV’s 100 million digital devices surpass the combined units sold of Xbox, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and Nintendo Wii since their respective launches. In addition, 100 million OpenTV-powered digital devices is more than eight times the number of BlackBerrys sold to date.

“This significant accomplishment is an absolute tribute to OpenTV’s people, technology, customers and partners across the globe who have helped make it happen,” continued Bennett. “We have a strong roadmap for 2008 and beyond, and look forward to celebrating more achievements in the coming years.”