Tele Columbus goes live with PŸUR TV STB featuring 3SS UX

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 
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Tele Columbus Goes Live with Next-Gen PŸUR TV STB Featuring 3Ready User-centric Experience

STUTTGART, Germany — 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software solutions for set-top boxes (STB), smart TV, multiscreen and in-vehicle entertainment, announces that German operator Tele Columbus has gone live with its next-generation hybrid STB service PŸUR TV.

PYUR TV - UI image 1 - UX powered by 3Ready

PYUR TV - UI image 2 - UX powered by 3Ready

PYUR TV - UI image 3 - UX powered by 3Ready

PYUR TV - UI image 4 - UX powered by 3Ready

The new PŸUR TV hybrid DVB-C (cable) plus OTT STB, based on Android TV Operator Tier and manufactured by Sagemcom, is delivering an advanced entertainment experience to consumers thanks to 3SS’ multiple award-winning 3Ready product platform.

NAGRA’s OpenTV Video Platform is core to Tele Columbus’ next-gen super-aggregation strategy, and also powers PŸUR TV.

In May 2023, it was announced that Tele Columbus had chosen 3Ready to drive the user experience for its next-generation entertainment offering. The launch of this set-top box kicks off a roadmap of multiscreen devices, including smart TVs and mobile devices, on which consumers will be able to access the service.

“We’re extremely excited to now deliver to our customers a truly world-class super-aggregated video entertainment experience, based on 3SS’ 3Ready platform,” said Markus Oswald, Chief Executive Officer at Tele Columbus.

PŸUR TV subscribers benefit from content-centric discovery enabled by deep-linked content integration with Prime Video, RTL+ and YouTube. Catchup and replay content from German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF are also deep-linked, and can be accessed directly from the PŸUR TV custom launcher. To simplify access to global streaming services Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, these can be launched via a dedicated button on the remote control. Users can access all their favorite content both live and on demand in an intuitive and highly performant 3Ready-powered experience. Google TV services such as Assistant for voice search and Play Store have been seamlessly integrated to simplify access to the rich array of content, apps and games in the Android TV ecosystem.

The hybrid PŸUR TV service is to complement live TV viewing with advanced features including catchup, startover and timeshift, in full compliance with content owners’ requirements and German legislation.

“We wish to congratulate Tele Columbus on the debut of the PŸUR TV hybrid service,“ said Stefan Blickensdoerfer, 3SS CTO. “It’s a matter of great pride to support Tele Columbus, and to celebrate this milestone alongside our fellow technology provider partners,” he added.

Links: 3SS; Tele Columbus