3SS to show end-to-end in-vehicle entertainment platform at CES

Thursday, December 21st, 2023 
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3SS to Showcase Powerful End-to-end In-vehicle Entertainment Platform

  • 3Ready Automotive entertainment platform from 3SS is now pre-integrated into leading edge Bosch Cockpit and ADAS Integration platform
  • From the comfort of their Bosch Cockpit and ADAS integration platform-enabled vehicle, drivers and passengers can enjoy advanced entertainment powered by trusted 3Ready platform, currently delivering award-winning pay-TV experiences in millions of homes worldwide

STUTTGART, Germany — At CES 2024, 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), leading provider of software for video entertainment services, is showcasing its technologies to create an end-to-end in-vehicle entertainment solution.

The highly innovative Bosch Cockpit and ADAS integration platform is now pre-integrated with 3SS’ 3Ready Automotive entertainment platform.

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3Ready enables the super-aggregation of different content sources in vehicles with a bespoke user experience (UX). 3SS created 3Ready Automotive to enable carmakers to provide their customers with a next-level, fully customized and branded entertainment hub featuring a wealth of attractive content, adapted to car- and market-specific requirements, and with personalized content-centric discovery and access. It allows carmakers to create recurring revenues from digital services, one of the main goals of the software defined vehicles approach.

Drivers and passengers can now enjoy advanced entertainment powered by the trusted 3Ready platform, currently delivering award-winning content experiences in millions of households worldwide.

“We are extremely proud to collaborate with Bosch, a company at the vanguard of automotive technology innovation,” commented Felix Walter, 3SS Head of Automotive. “We look forward to working with Bosch to deliver game-changing entertainment to drivers and passengers, while enabling new revenue opportunities for OEMs.”

This pre-integrated Bosch-3SS solution accelerates time-to-market for automotive manufacturers, and relieves them of the requirement to invest time, money and other resources needed to develop their own entertainment system. The joint solution also minimizes technology risk, and technical hurdles resulting from the unique challenges of the in-vehicle environment.

Assured and pre-optimized technology interoperation means faster deployment for automakers. Service launches can be more timely, so owners of 3Ready enabled cars can start enjoying 3Ready’s rich array of entertainment, wrapped in a superior user-centric experience, much earlier.

A unique aspect of the pre-integration is that user data captured by the Bosch Cockpit and ADAS integration platform can inform entertainment recommendations which emanate from 3Ready. Driver habits and preferences can combine with 3Ready’s own analytics to help create a highly personalized and engaging experience. This provides OEMs with a powerful opportunity to differentiate by providing customers with next-level entertainment, in contrast to traditional in-car entertainment alternatives in the marketplace.

The OEM stays in control

The inside of a car3Ready comes with a built-in Content Management System, the 3Ready Control Center; the OEM always stays in control, and able to adapt and enhance the service throughout their products’ lifecycle. Flexibility is core to 3Ready. The implementation of 3Ready can either be carried out by 3SS’ in-house teams or obtained as a service from 3SS, depending on the OEM’s requirements. Automotive manufacturers deploying 3Ready integrated with their Bosch cockpit can fully manage and optimize user experience in real-time, tailored to multiple criteria such as model and market, across the whole fleet. Carmakers can refine the UX dynamically and remotely.

Award-winning 3Ready comprises multiple partnerships with local and global content providers, including unique curated content from YouTube, with more to follow. 3Ready’s ever-growing content offering comes pre-certified, so OEMs can fast-track their in-car entertainment service launches even further.

Proven and trusted 3Ready has been deployed by many of the world’s leading pay-TV providers and telecoms companies with a combined reach of over 70 million homes. 3Ready has been recognized with over 25 prestigious TV technology industry awards.

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