EBS enables EPG data for DVBLogic NAS PVR and recommendation engine

Thursday, December 11th, 2014
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BALDOCK, UK — EBS, the leading full-service provider of EPG data for platforms and channels worldwide, has announced that it has expanded its relationship with DVBLogic, a cutting-edge provider of live and recorded TV solutions for Windows, desktop Linux, Raspberry Pi and NAS (network attached storage) platforms. DVBLogic is including EBS’ Pawa listings data as part of its new DVBLink software release, which includes TV Adviser, a sophisticated recommendation engine.

The DVBLogic software enables a NAS device to be turned into a PVR, for live and recorded programme viewing in the home and on the go, on any device. DVBLink works with four TV signal types: cable, satellite, antenna and IPTV. The user simply connects one or more of the signal sources to their NAS device via a TV tuner and installs the software directly from DVBLogic’s web store. Viewers in the UK can watch and record free-to-air channels.

Prior to this latest software release, DVBLogic customers had to subscribe to EBS’ Digiguide website to obtain the listings data. Now they can receive a bundled solution directly from DVBLogic with the TV Adviser included. The partnership with EBS allows increased metadata for programme information and also enables viewers to select programmes to record up to two weeks in advance from any device, anywhere.

The new TV Adviser allows viewers to receive TV recommendations based on their likes and dislikes. They simply select a programme on the EPG and create a profile such as crime, sport, kids etc. They then check a box to find other similar programmes and finely tune using a thumbs up or thumbs down icon. The TV Adviser looks at the metadata attached to programmes removed/added and adjusts the criteria deleting or adding metadata in the profile. A viewer interested in sport for example, could set up their sport profile and if their main topic of interest is football within four or five mouse clicks the recommendation engine will only suggest football related programmes.

“The fact that we’re now able to provide our customers with a PVR that includes a recommendation engine on a NAS device is a very significant development,” says Pavlo Barvinko, Founder & CTO DVBLogic. “The set-top box is the traditional television hub and although it provides an excellent service it has limitations. Our customers can watch live TV, record their favourite programmes, select recommendations and build their profiles anytime, anywhere. EBS is a key factor, as without the EPG data we wouldn’t be able to provide this service.”

Keith Bedford, EBS’ Managing Director adds, “We’re delighted to be a part of DVBLogic’s latest development. This is a forward-thinking solution that provides a sophisticated TV service at an affordable cost. The landscape of television has shifted and high quality EPG data is the driving force behind successful television services.”