ATEME and ST demonstrate interactive 360° TV at CES

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015
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360-Degree Video on the Big Screen

  • STMicroelectronics and ATEME Demonstrate LiveSphere on Set-top Box at CES 2015

LAS VEGAS — Consumer Electronics Show, Palazzo Hotel, Lago Suite — At CES 2014, ATEME, together with its partners Kolor and Finwe, announced LiveSphere, an end-to-end live video broadcast solution that captures, stitches, streams and displays video to provide an interactive consumer experience for tablets, smartphones and virtual reality headsets. ATEME announced today that this immersive experience is now possible on the television in the living room, allowing a viewer to dynamically change their field of view using a remote control.

  • LiveSphere application runs on Android set-top box (STB) – In this demonstration, the LiveSphere client application runs on an STB reference design based on the STMicroelectronics Cannes chipset under the latest Android L operating system.
  • The Cannes chipset is capable of decoding Ultra High Definition (UHD) – UHD decoding performance in the STB allows the capture and transmission of the entire spherical video with a great level of detail.
  • Uses 4MOD200 remote control to navigate 360 degrees – The dynamic selection of the field of view relies on a remote by 4MOD Technology, a leading provider of innovative wireless user interface solutions. The selected field of view is output over HDMI to any HD or UHD TV set.
  • Value-add for service providers – This demonstration shows an interactive high-quality television experience that service providers can offer to their broadband subscribers with a UHD-capable STB, even when they do not yet own an UHDTV set.

Ismail Allalcha, manager of strategic & ecosystem marketing, Digital Consumer Group, STMicroelectronics, said: “LiveSphere is a real innovation in the way we watch television, providing the end user with the possibility to navigate inside live events using a remote control. This demonstration confirms the maturity and performance of our well-established Cannes and Monaco chipset families, which can reach resolutions of up to Ultra HDp60 – a definite advantage for 360-degree video applications.”

The LiveSphere on STB demonstration will be on display in an STMicroelectronics’ private suite and in the ATEME private Lago suite at the Palazzo during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2015.