Colombia's pay TV subscriber base passes the 8 million mark

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 
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BUENOS AIRES — According to the latest Market Estimates report from BB BUSINESS BUREAU, the pay TV market in Colombia is continuing to grow though at a slower rate than one year ago.

Claro TV, DIRECTV, UNE, Global TV, Others

The country ended 2014 with 8.08 million pay TV subscribers, up 4.3% versus the end of 2013. This figure is much greater than the official figure of 5.1 million subscribers reported by Colombia’s Autoridad Nacional de Television (ANTV). The BB BUSINESS BUREAU number is boosted by the inclusion of estimates for piracy and industry under-reporting. According to the analysts, these two factors add respectively 15% and 11% to the total for Colombia.

Overall, satellite TV is available in 1.7 million homes, representing 21% of the pay TV market, and 40% or 3.2 million subscribers have some type of digital service.