BB-Business Bureau maps Americas pay TV after AT&T-DIRECTV merger

Thursday, May 29th, 2014 
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The new global map of Pay TV and Broadband Market after AT&T acquired DIRECTV

BB-BUSINESS BUREAU has consolidated its own primary Latin America information with especially collected US data, with the aim of showing in an only and integrated chart (called “The America´s”) how Pay TV and Broadband competitive map might result after AT&T acquired DIRECTV.

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In the global market (US and Latin America) where Pay TV penetration reaches 57%, DIRECTV – AT&T has become the biggest Pay TV conglomerate of The America´s, due to the currently market share it has gained by gathering both companies subscribers.

Before the transaction had placed, DIRECTV had by its own almost 38 million subscribers (SKY Brazil and SKY México included). After the acquisition, the conglomerate totalizes more than 43 million subs.

This new integrated company is followed by Comcast Time Warner and America Movil. Grupo Clarín occupies the sixth position in importance among all Latin America market.

Comcast Time Warner, América Móvil, DIRECTV AT&T Sky, Verizon, Telefônica Movistar, Oi S.A., NET Serviços, Cox Communications, CenturyLink, Charter Communications, GVT, Others

On the other side, Broadband Global Market reaches almost 50% of penetration. It’s lead by Comcast Time Warner, which has more than 32 million subscribers, followed by America Movil with almost 19 million. DIRECTV – AT&T occupies the third position, with a total of 16 and a half million subs.