iWedia ports its ANDROID4TV to Lollipop and Android TV

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
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iWedia’s ANDROID4TV New Release is Ready for Lollipop and Available in Open Source

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — iWedia, a leading provider of software solutions for TV devices to service operators and Consumer Electronics manufacturers, today announced it has migrated its ANDROID4TV framework towards Android Lollipop and Android TV and that this new release is available in open source.

The announcement was made to coincide with the opening of TV Connect 2015 which is held in London from Tuesday, April 28th through to Thursday, April 30th. iWedia exhibits at the show (stand #38) during which it will demonstrate the solution.

ANDROID4TV is iWedia’s approach for the integration of Digital TV (DTV) in the Android environment. It extends the Android application framework with broadcast / multicast TV functionalities and Personal Video Recorder / Time Shift Buffer (PVR/TSB) features allowing development of a TV application as an Android APK. It offers a smooth DTV integration model for Android and the associated APIs for the implementation of TV-centric Android/Java applications.

The Java APIs and the sample applications of this new release of ANDROID4TV have been published in open source (please visit android4tv.iwedia.com to get access to these materials).

“With ANDROID4TV we bridge the gap between Android TV and legacy TV and we allow Android TV to go beyond OTT TV in giving support to broadcast and multicast TV,” says Nikola Teslić, CTO at iWedia. “Moreover, in open sourcing our framework, we aim at enabling an ecosystem of TV-centric Android apps.”

ANDROID4TV has been field proven through the commercial deployments by TV service providers of set-top boxes making use of the framework.