Telekom Slovenije to offer TV over LTE/4G

Friday, May 22nd, 2015
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Telekom Slovenije Develops a Solution for Providing Users with Internet, Fixed Telephone Services, and Television over Its LTE/4G Network

LJUBLJANA — Telekom Slovenije, Slovenia’s leading integrated service provider of mobile and fixed communication services, has developed a solution to provide its users with internet, fixed telephone services, and television over its LTE/4G network. Telekom Slovenije will be offering this solution starting in June to those users who live in areas where a broadband cable connection is not possible, but where LTE/4G is already available. Telekom Slovenije is among the first operators to offer such a solution, which was for the most part developed in-house.


Telekom Slovenije is a comprehensive communications service provider based in Slovenia. It is recognised as the national leader in introducing and developing new generations of mobile and fixed communication services, system integration and cloud computing services, and multimedia content.

The platform and complete design of the architecture, the development of the network for content provision, the integration of the systems, and the development of the backend systems for service and content management are the product of in-house expertise. When ordering the service, the user will receive all the hardware they need, namely a modem with SIM-card, an IPTV set-top box (BOX S), and a set of powerful outdoor antennae, ensuring simple and reliable access to advanced communication services and content.


“Technological advance requires ever greater network convergence. The objective of this type of development is to provide reliable, simple, and excellent user experience in accessing the desired services – anytime, anywhere – regardless of the technology and network, which can either be fixed or mobile. Telekom Slovenije took an important step in this direction with a solution that helps provide access to video and TV content on TV screens also over the LTE/4G mobile network. The user experience here will be comparable to the experience using our fixed network,” said Matjaž Beričič, Director of Telekom Slovenije’s Convergent Core Network, upon the service’s unveiling.

With this new service, Telekom Slovenije sets a new milestone in telecommunications development, as it marks important progress toward greater independence of services from individual technologies, and looks ahead toward so-called hybrid coverage. This means that Telekom Slovenije will provide its users with services over a range of paths – both wired and wireless – while the user experience will remain the same, regardless of the technology supporting it. The internet access data rates offered in the new solution for internet, fixed telephone services, and television over LTE/4G network will be up to 10 Mbit/s downlink and 2 Mbit/s uplink.