SIXTY announces lightweight STB user interface framework

Monday, August 24th, 2015
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SIXTY to Launch Turn-Key Solution for Set-Top-Box Market

BERGEN, Norway — Today TV Experience company SIXTY launched Ease TV, its first product of the Ease by Sixty product line.

Ease TV is a fast, strong and lightweight user interface framework for the Set-Top-Box market. Its launch enables any television program distributor – particularly those transitioning from analogue to digital environments – to wrap programs with compelling features, heighten viewers’ entertainment experiences, and maximize market share and revenues.

With Ease TV, television broadcasters can easily launch a variety of new or enhanced services including interactive capabilities, VOD, Start-Over, Catch-up and compelling graphics, in no time. Additional benefits include quicker time-to-market, lower development costs, accelerated program monetization, and ease of use. Ease TV can be implemented on most legacy computer and operating systems due to intelligent software design.

Ease TV contains all modules broadcast distributors need to quickly launch viewer-rich features. It also provides extra functionalities to support future upgrades and strategies. Ease TV standard modules include: Main Menu, EPG, Mini EPG, Channel Zapper, PVR, Settings, On Demand Player and a Universal Player.

“Ease TV enables distributors of any size operating in the Set-Top-Box market to quickly bring audiences a snappy, well-designed, and cost-effective TV experience,” says Carl Mathisen, CTO, SIXTY. “For over a decade, Sixty has worked as a key innovator and has helped to shape the future of television. Ease TV provides an innovative tool that enables distributors to reap success within a competitive broadcast environment.”

Ease TV works with both HTML5 and SVG, can be implemented on top of any hardware and software stack, and also performs well on legacy platforms with as little as 4MB of available memory for the JavaScript stack in the browser.