Mediaset Premium pay-TV subscriptions end 3Q 2015 at 1,815,000

Friday, October 9th, 2015
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New “Mediaset Premium” Offer: An Above Target Increase In Subscriptions

COLOGNO MONZESE — Initial positive results from the new Mediaset Premium offer show that on 30 September the number of pay-TV subscriptions had risen to 1,815,000 overtaking the target set by the quarterly budget (July/August/September) 2015.

Mediaset Premium

On 30 June, as communicated to the market, Mediaset Premium subscriptions stood at 1,703,000. Consequently the figure on 30 September (1,815,000) represents a net increase of 112,000, to which, of course, should be added the numerous Premium clients who watch programmes using a pre-paid card.

Given the announced target of reaching 200,000 new subscribers by the end of the second half (June-December) of 2015, the figures for the third quarter are clearly well over the half way towards the final objective. The pace of new subscriptions is also confirmed by the first results in October.

This marked growth in clients has two positive consequences. Firstly, the number of new customers for Mediaset Premium is significantly greater than those of the main competitor, a result that has meant that Premium accounts for all the growth in the market. A result that has also led to an increase in the average revenues per subscriber due to the higher value placed on the content offered by Premium.

This first quarterly subscriptions result is the first step for the new Premium offer, richly enhanced by exclusive access to the Champions League, a unique offer that will continue to have a positive impact over the next three years. Moreover, this initial results is also a significant confirmation of the strategic value of the operation in terms of new expansion for the Mediaset Group.