Georgia completes switch from analogue to digital television

Friday, October 9th, 2015
Georgian National Communications Commission logo

The Georgian National Communications Commission has made the following announcement:

Switchover process from analogue terrestrial broadcasting into the digital broadcasting has been completed. “TV Radio Center” Ltd, during the migration from analogue broadcasting into the digital one, temporarily in the parallel broadcasting mode, besides public broadcaster’s channels was transmitting two national TV broadcasters (broadcasting company “Rustavi 2” Ltd and “TV Imedi” Ltd) including those local TV companies (“DGS TV” Ltd, “Comedy TV” Ltd, “Civic Education Foundation” – “Tabula”) which have refused the right to radio frequency spectrum in order to ensure digital broadcasting.

Today, above-mentioned TV companies are available for the public via Free-To-Air broadcasting through the network of “TV Radio Center” Ltd and also through the network of private multiplex operator “Stereo+” Ltd.

On October 12, at 10 am, the signals of “Broadcasting TV company Rustavi2” Ltd, “TV Imedi” Ltd, “Comedy TV” Ltd, “GDS” Ltd and “Civic Education Foundation” – Tabula” will be shut down from the multiplex platform of “TV Radio Center” Ltd. Transmission of noted companies via Free-To-Air digital broadcasting network will be ensured by “Stereo+” Ltd’s network.

On October 12, after 10 am, in case of the interruption of the programs of “Broadcasting TV company Rustavi2” Ltd, “TV Imedi” Ltd, “Comedy TV” Ltd, “GDS” Ltd and “Civic Education Foundation” – Tabula,” first of all, a list of programs have to be checked, in case the noted channels can not be found, digital signal receiver Set- Top-Box device has to be run again in the automatic search mode. If the receiving of channels will fail again after such manipulation is performed, for assistance, please contact the hot-line number of “Stereo+” at – 205 12 12.